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McKee's 37 360 Corrects, Cleans, Seals

Mirror-like gloss after just one step!

360™ by McKee's 37 is a revolutionary new product that combines correction, cleaning, and sealing into one simple step. This all-in-one wonder eliminates the need to use a separate mild swirl remover, paint cleanser, and sealant, yet you achieve the same depth, gloss, and slickness! McKee's 37 360™ is total car care made easier.

McKee's 37 360™ is a breakthrough in quality car care. I say “quality” because there are many cleaner wax type products on the market that just do not perform. But McKee's 37 360™ does everything you’d expect from a one step product and a lot more.

Corrects. McKee's 37 360™ does what no mere cleaner wax can do; it removes light swirls and imperfections to leave the paint looking flawless. Ultra fine abrasives - so fine they are not perceptible by sight or touch - gently blend away fine blemishes and visibly smooth the paint. Light spider webbing and water spots vanish. McKee's 37 360™ works like a mild swirl remover but, remarkably, it eliminates the need for a separate cleansing lotion or sealant.

Cleans. McKee's 37 360™ contains cleaning agents to remove oxidation and uncover the glossy, vibrant paint underneath. Any type of paint instantly appears deeper, glossier, with more vivid color. McKee's 37 360™ removes dull films and wax build-up to bring new life to the paint.

Seals. Besides correcting and cleaning the paint, McKee's 37 360™ deposits a glossy, slick layer of durable polymer protection. This is not a one step product that has to be followed up with another sealant for real protection. McKee's 37 360™ is a premium paint sealant that will provide months of paint protection against salt, water, industrial pollution, UV rays, insects, and road grime. McKee's 37 360™ is so effective as a sealant, you’d have a tough time distinguishing its mirror-like finish from other premium non-cleaning paint sealants.

Apply 3 drops of 360 directly onto a foam polishing pad
Apply 3 quarter-sized drops of polish onto a foam polishing pad
Set speed at 4 on your Porter Cable 7424xp
Set polisher to speed 4 setting
Work the polish into the paint until it disappears
Work the polish up and down and side to side until it disappears
McKee's 37 360™ is an absolute time-saver. Go from washing to drying to McKee's 37 360™ and you’re done. This user-friendly product does not require buffing. Polish McKee's 37 360™ until it disappears. It leaves no stubborn haze. Even when applied in the sun, McKee's 37 360™ is a breeze to apply and remove.

McKee's 37 360™ is designed for application with a buffer. Its thick consistency prevents it from being absorbed into foam pads too quickly (This effect is even more impressive when used with CCS Foam Pads by Lake Country, made to keep more product on the pad’s surface). Excellent lubrication provides adequate working time to allow the cleaners and abrasives to do their job. Once the abrasives have broken down, McKee's 37 360™ literally disappears as you polish. Not only does McKee's 37 360™ combine three detailing steps, it eliminates buffing to save you even more time!

McKee's 37 360™ is a professional detailer’s dream. On vehicles that are in good condition, McKee's 37 360™ is all you need to completely transform a customer’s vehicle in the time it would normally take just to apply the wax.

McKee's 37 360™ performs like three products in the time it takes to apply one product. It requires no buffing. It looks flawless on any color paint. And, it has an addictive cherry scent. McKee's 37 360™ could be the perfect all-in-one product.

You be the judge. Try 360™ by McKee's 37 on your own vehicle and see how much time and effort it saves you. Compare the results to what you get from your multi-step process. 360™ by McKee's 37 will become your go-to product for one-step paint correction, cleaning, and sealing.

User Tip: A customer emailed us with this great suggestion. McKee's 37 360 works well as a one-step polish/wax on marine gel coat when used with a rotary polisher. In just one step, your boat will have fewer imperfections and a glossy, protective coating!

  1. Prep the vehicle by washing and drying it. Use McKee's 37 Power Wash and then one of the Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towels.
  2. We recommend applying McKee's 37 360™ with a Porter Cable 7424XP. For the best results, use the CCS White Polishing/Finishing Foam Pad by Lake Country. Apply a quarter size amount of McKee's 37 360™ onto the pad.
  3. With the polisher turned off, spread McKee's 37 360™ over a 2 x 2 sq. ft. section to avoid splatter.
  4. Set the maximum speed at 4-5 on the Porter Cable 7424XP. Work McKee's 37 360™ in a back and forth, overlapping motion.
  5. Continue to polish even as the product dries. McKee's 37 360™ disappears, leaving nothing on the paint but a clean, glossy shine. There is no need to buff.

16 oz.

McKee's 37 360 Corrects, Cleans, Seals

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49 Reviews
78% (38)
20% (10)
2% (1)
0% (0)
0% (0)
55% Recommend this product (27 of 49 responses)
Excellent results for the price.
Product provides excellent results. User experience was good not great. Wipe off is a little difficult in the heat
Makes it seem like I know what I'm doing
This stuff is so easy. Cloudy? Full sun? Don't have the right pad available? NO PROBLEM. Sling it on there and grind away until it vanishes. It takes the sharp edge off deep scratches, wipes away superficial water spots, and cleans up the paint nicely. It just works.
Stuart, FL
Very please dw/results
Disclaimer: I've never used any McKee's products before, although i've heard good things.

After watching Mike use Blackfire's One Step, a similar 3 in 1 product, at a recent show, I was going to purchase that.

But this McKee's 37 360 Corrrects had more reviews, the same rating, and was less expensive- half the price of the Blackfire One Step!

It did not disappoint either. After decontaminating the paint, I hand-applied this 3 in 1 scratch remover/polish/sealant. The product went on smoothly and came off very easily. The polish aspect worked well and even though my car is white, it picked up some depth and luster. The paint also picked up a glossy, slippery texture.

All in all, a win-win and I can recommend.
ProsEasy to use- wipes on easily, wipes off as easily. Works as advertised!
ConsCannot comment on long-term durability yet.
Best AIO I've used
I find this AIO to be the best I've used in terms of ease of application and overall user-friendliness. On an Audi S4, with moderate swirl marks and neglected paint, the product removed 90+% of the swirl marks and left a slick, highly polished surface with a white CCS pad and a medium high speed. In a pinch, this can be used quickly, in place of a two-step process when time is critical. On a clean, well-maintained daily driver, this would be an ideal product.
ProsEase of application with a DA Slick and smooth finish
ConsPads must be dedicated (product stains them, impossible to wash out)
Atlanta, GA
Good AIO
McKee's 37 360 contains enough cutting power to clean up light swirls and scratches that aren't too deep. It took a few passes to get used to but I found it's actually quite user friendly. I can see how this would be a great option for professionals who need a great result in the least amount of time.
This product performs fantastic for what it is designed to be.
ProsNo dusting Not excessively oily Smells great