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Wolfgang Fuzion Connoisseur’s Choice Wax Kit

For a Fuzion grade wash and wax!

One of the most popular products in the Wolfgang line, Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax, is now in liquid form! And believe us, when it's layered over the original paste wax, the shine is like none you've seen before. The Wolfgang Fuzion Connoisseur’s Choice Wax Kit includes both Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Mini and the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax, as well as the Wolfgang Auto Bathe to help you maintain that finish. If you've never tried either of the Wolfgang Fuzion products, the Wolfgang Fuzion Connoisseur’s Choice Wax Kit is the best first impression!

The Wolfgang Fuzion Connoisseur’s Choice Wax Kit includes:

3 oz. Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Mini 
Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax is a hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients that yield unequaled shine and protection. Our unique formula fuses the best attributes of carnauba wax and paint sealants to create the ultimate car wax. The super polymers reinforce carnauba’s natural defense and promote maximum bonding to the paint and maximum protection. Wolfgang Füzion’s anti-static properties maintain a slick, glossy, reflective finish. Füzion repels water, dirt, dust, oil, and resists smudges and fingerprints. 

16 oz. Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax / 2 pack Super Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels
Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is as unique as they come. At the heart of Fuzion Spray Wax is the second generation of German Super Polymers. The mile-deep reflections and shimmering liquid gloss wouldn’t be possible without Brazilian Carnauba Wax, which is a prime ingredient as well. The proprietary blending process for this formula calls for such stringent tolerances that it had to be manufactured in the heart of Germany.

The carnauba wax formulation in Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax creates an immense amount of surface tension. This effect causes water to bead up and roll off the finish, taking dirt and corrosive contaminants with it. This self-cleaning ability naturally keeps your vehicle cleaner in between washes. You will be amazed at how nothing “sticks” to the paint, including bird droppings, hard water spots, and tree sap.


16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe 
Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a rich, high sudsing car shampoo that pampers even the most delicate paint finishes. This high lubricity car wash lathers your vehicle in paint-protecting foam as it loosens and lifts dirt and grime. Wolfgang Auto Bathe leaves your vehicle looking clean, shiny, and virtually water spot-free.
2 Foam Wax Applicators 
Foam wax applicators are best used to apply wax quickly and evenly. The pads are soft and absorbent in order to prevent streaking and smudges.

Kit includes:
3 oz. Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Mini 
16 oz. Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax
16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe 
2 pack Super Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels
2 Foam Wax Applicators 

Total retail value of $144.92. You save $64.93!

Wolfgang Fuzion Connoisseur’s Choice Wax Kit

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100% Recommend this product (5 of 5 responses)
expensive but high quality
The wax is high quality but what I really like is the wash, it cleans without stripping your wax/sealant.
Prosdoesn't strip wax, high quality products.
Chattanooga, TN
Best wax I've ever used
This stuff is awesome, excellent water beading and paint protection. This junior size has done 3 vehicles already including a F350 and you can't tell I've used any at all. A little of this product goes a long way.
West Lafayette, Indiana
Unsurpassed shine
My blue car sheds dirt. Makes car easy to keep looking just waxed.
ProsGreat shine, easy to maintain.
Near Perfection
I had no reservations about purchasing this launch special based on my years of experience with Wolfgang Fuzion wax. The new Fuzion spray wax worked as advertised and in my opinion is a great addition to the Wolfgang Connoisseur line. The "Near Perfection" headline is because the Auto bath doesn't do nearly as good a job as the Pinnacle Body Shampoo. It's sudsing action fades pretty quickly leaving you with what appears to be a wash bucket of dirty water, hence only 4 stars.
ProsGreat wax
Consso-so auto bath
Macomb, MI
Love Wolfgang for my newer cars
I have some Old Corvettes and for those they don't see the elements. For those I use Pinnacle Souveran as they are both Dark. My New 2014 Corvette is Velocity Yellow and my 2002 is Torch Red. Those 2 I use Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant & Fuzion. I've Tried a lot of Waxes & there really is a difference. Was using Zaino & that is good and shiny and lasts a long time. But the Shine from WGDGPS & Fuzion is much better. I just did my White 2012 Camaro with the 1st Step Deep Gloss. It was parked next to my Daughters same color White G6 which I just did a Full Clay & DA Polish followed with Meguiars NXT 2.0 that I had left over. It was no Contest on the Difference in Shine. NXT Looks good, but Wolfgang has it Hands Down for Gloss. So far 1 month into the Coat on my Velocity Yellow Vette it seems very durable & sheds dirt from Rain on Par with the "Get Off My Car Dirt" ability that I got from Zaino. Removal is super easy with Wolfgang, so another plus over everything else I tried so far.
ProsGoes on Easy, Comes off Easy. Rejects Dirt keeping the Car Cleaner and makes next wash easier. Gloss is way better than stuff like NXT, side by side with another same color Car you'll see a big difference, if you don't you simply don't remember your last detail with enough clarity imo. Pictures of my Car show a shine that my Cars have never shown before.
ConsGet it clean/prepped 1st cause like Zaino, you're not going to remove it easily if you want to "Start Over" MicroFiber Towels do not Clean up well with this stuff even using stuff like Pinnacle MicroFiber Rejuvenator. Use a good towel, but not your "Best" Towel. I remove with a decent towel & buff with a good one.