Best way to wash your car in the Winter

Best way to wash your car in the Winter

Car detailing is essentially a constant battle with the elements to maintain the look of your car. There are so many different hazards that affect your car's paint that it is a constant, but enjoyable, labor of passion! However, that battle becomes even harder to fight during the Winter months! During these months, the colder weather turns up the severity of all the hazards your car normally faces and even introduces some that aren't a concern during the rest of the year. The best way to battle these hazards is to routinely wash your car. But in the Winter, the cold temperatures make washing your car with water quite tricky to manage! The question you are probably asking at this point is...

What is the best way to wash your car in the Winter?

Thankfully, Justin Labato and Bruno Massel are here to help guide you through the process of properly washing your car in the winter, using the Wolgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash! This application can easily be applied in the convenience of your own home. It is ceramic-based, which will add SiO2 protection and slickness to your vehicle. You can apply it with the Speed Master rinseless mitt or the Speed Master rinseless sponge. These tips and tricks will give you the upper edge in taking care of your car during the cold winter months!

If you live in an area where it gets severely cold during the Winter months, washing your car with the use of running water just isn't an option. However, you don't need to use running water to give your car a high-quality wash with Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash!

The original Wolfang Uber Rinseless Wash was already an extremely popular option for many detailers during these times of the year, but Wolfgang took it a step further by including SiO2 technology into the formula in order to make Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash! The inclusion of SiO2 provides a lot more slickness during the washing process and even leaves behind a layer of hydrophobic protection!

The concentration of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash means you only actually need 1 oz of product to wash your entire car safely! Just add one ounce of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash to 2 gallons of water and you have a rinseless wash mixture that you can use to clean your entire car from the safety of your garage! And if you really want to boost the cleaning abilities, you can use warm or hot water when mixing the cleaning solution!

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash is incredibly good at cleaning in general! But where you are going to notice it really helping you out during the Winter is its ability to pull off road salt, dirt, and sand that clings to your car in the Winter. And it will do it all without damaging your car! When you combine the cleaning potential of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash with the Speed Master Rinseless Wash Sponge and the Speed Master Rinseless Wash Mitt, you are doubling the cleaning power! Both of these high-quality cleaning tools will absorb and pull any mess off of the paint surface and into their cells/fibers. This means that those harmful materials won't be touching your car while you wash, so they won't be able to do any more damage during the washing process!

While which of these tools to use is a matter of preference, there are unique characteristics for both. The Rinseless Wash Sponge has a waffle texture on one side which will help to provide better agitation and a slitted surface on the other side to trap any particulates. The Rinseless Wash Mitt on the other hand, it easier to control as it goes over your hand and grips your wrist while you are washing.

If you want to be extra safe, you can even mix a hire concentration solution of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash in a spray bottle. This gives you the ability to spray the surface with a higher concentration solution that will immediately start pulling the contamination off the paint. This will make removing the contaminants much easier and further reduce the risk of scratches and marring!

However you choose to use Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash, you will finally have the power to wash your car during the Winter months without risking the delicate surfaces!