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5 Inch Buff & Shine Uro-Tec Foam Pads - 6 Pack Choose Your Pads!

Perfectly balanced for an unrivaled finish!

Uro-Tec Foam Pads are the latest innovation from Buff & Shine, a leading manufacturer of foam, wool, and microfiber buffing and polishing pads. Developed specifically for “long throw” orbital polishers such as the Rupes LHR 15 and 21, Griot’s Garage BOSS G15 and 21, and the new FLEX XFE, Uro-Tec Foam Pads deliver uncompromised performance on all paint systems and longevity that is superior to anything else on the market.

Buff & Shine Uro-Tec Foam Pads are available in two sizes – 5 inch and 6 inch, respectively. Use the 5 inch Uro-Tec Foam Pads on the Rupes LHR 15 and Griot’s Garage BOSS G15. Use the 6 inch Uro-Tec Foam Pads on the Rupes LHR 21, Griot’s Garage BOSS G21, and the FLEX XFE-7. No matter the tool, you will be blown away by the uncompromised performance of the Uro-Tec Foam Pads.

Buff and Shine Uro Tec Foam Pads
Buff and Shine Uro-Tec Foam Pads were designed specifically for "long throw" orbital polishers!

Buff & Shine has a reputation for manufacturing buffing and polishing pads that can withstand repeated use without failure, and their latest innovation continues this trend. Uro-Tec Foam Pads are constructed out of super durable open-cell foam which allows long cycle times without reduction in performance, and the ability to dissipate heat quickly. This results in a pad that lasts longer without any loss in cutting or finishing abilities.

Uro-Tec Foam Pads were designed and engineered from the ground up for use with long throw orbital polishers. From the unique foam construction to the thickness of each pad, Uro-Tec Foam Pads will blow you away with how smooth they are on your long throw polisher. And with Buff & Shine’s legendary durability, Uro-Tec Foam Pads will be one of the smartest investments you’ll make in car care.

Buff & Shine Uro-Tec Foam Pads are available in heavy cutting (blue), heavy polishing (maroon), polishing (yellow) and finishing (white). From our testing, we’ve found that Uro-Tec Foam Pads are compatible with the leading manufacturers of buffing and polishing compounds, including Menzerna, Meguiar’s, Wolfgang, 3D and more! Use with confidence and enjoy the new-found smoothness of your long throw orbital polisher!

Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pad quickly eliminates swirls and scratches

Coarse Blue Heavy Cutting Foam Pad
The extremely aggressive foam of the Blue Pad will surprise you with its immense cutting ability, but even more so with the haze-free finish that it provides. On light colors and hard paint systems, the Blue Pad can be used with a one-step compound. Follow with the Yellow or White Pad on softer paint systems and dark colors.

Medium Maroon Heavy Polishing Foam Pad
The dense foam construction of the Maroon Pad makes it perfect for use with one-step compounds and polishes. When the heavy-cutting ability of the Blue Pad is too much, use the Maroon Pad to create a flawless, haze-free finish. Follow with the White Pad to create a dazzling, show-car shine.
Dark Blue Heavy Polishing Foam Pad
The closed cell foam construction of the Dark Blue Pad is ideal for use with a medium cut polish or a one-step/cleaner wax. Whether you are using it in conjunction with the other pads in Buff and Shine’s “Reflection Artist” Line or are just looking for a versatile polishing pad, the Dark Blue pad will provide incredible results. Following this pad up with the Yellow Light Polishing Pad will give you the ability to finish even the softest paint out to a show-car shine!
Light Yellow Polishing Foam Pad
Use the Yellow Pad with finishing polishes or, for darker colors, one-step polishing compounds. This soft, open-cell foam finishes as well as the White Pad on light colors and metallic finishes. The Yellow Pad will be a popular choice for detailers that frequently use one-step cleaner waxes.
Soft White Finishing Foam Pad
The White Pad is the softest in the Uro-Tec line up. It is best suited for ultra-fine polishes and jewelling waxes. You’ll be glad you have it when you detail a black Tesla or blue Porsche, paint systems that tend to be finicky. The White Pad also works well for applying waxes, sealants and glazes.

5 Inch Buff & Shine Uro-Tec Foam Pads - 6 Pack Choose Your Pads!

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Cameron, NC
Great Pads
I bought these pads to use with my Flex XCE 8-125 (cordless forced rotation) and they worked beautifully! I used all yellow pads on my soft Mazda 3 paint and they finished down to a swirl free finish. I searched all around for the best pads to use with the cordless forced rotation Flex and these came out highly recommended by Mike Phillips and other detailers. I'm glad I bought them!
Pros+ Product cleans out easily + Seem durable + Smooth with forced rotation
Cons- Expensive, but worth it
Lewiston, ME
Worked great
Performed as expected
ProsPrice point
Seattle, wa
These work great with rupes polishers
So I made a mistake and ordered these for my rupes 21 mark 2 with 6 inch backing plate. So plate is a bit bigger than pads however it still works, these work really well on these new long throw polishers. Machine runs very smooth and so far these look to be good quality. Would defiantly buy them again.
Love 'em
I have been using the Buff and Shine pads for approx. a month now and find them to be extremely durable, and have one level of cut greater than of other pads. Meaning, their blue heavy defect removal pad levels defects that would otherwise require a microfiber pad from other manufacturers. Likewise the B&S maroon heavy polishing pad is slightly firmer and has more bite than other manufacturer's comparable pads.
Pros- Cuts better than - Finishes very well considering level of cut - Easy to remove used product from pads - Nicely balanced on all my DA's, even my shorter through 8mm DA's - Works well on long throw and short throw DA's - Cost effective when you consider the durability allows many, many uses