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SprayMaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 oz

The only sprayer with a 5 year guarantee!

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is the ultimate sprayer for detailing. The sprayer has a high output nozzle with a fully adjustable spray pattern. Dilute glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and other chemicals in the chemical resistant SprayMaster®. Every detailer needs this sprayer!

What sets the SprayMaster® apart from other spray bottles? The SprayMaster® is built for rigorous use with a wide variety of chemicals. The spray nozzle and bottle are constructed of superior chemical resistant materials that are compatible with the widest possible range of chemicals. The bottle has extra thick walls for maximum durability.

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is ideal for delivering a high volume of cleaner right where you need it. The sprayer is fully adjustable and outputs 2.65 cc per stroke (~ 0.9 fluid ounce). The bottle features a patented back off resistant cap, which means that the spray cap stays tight on the bottle, preventing leakage.

The back of the bottle has a check-off grid for identifying the bottle contents. This is a smart feature that will take the guesswork out of storing products in secondary bottles. A handy graduation scale on the side makes it easy to dilute concentrated detailing products.

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is easy to spot in silver and blue. This will quickly become your favorite sprayer for fast, efficient detailing.

Only the SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle comes with a 5 year guarantee! That's a testament to the durable construction and premium materials found in this sprayer. The SprayMaster® is more than a spray bottle; it's a smart investment for any detailer!

  • Output 2.65 cc per stroke
  • Constructed with chemically resistant materials
  • Patented back off resistant cap
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern
  • Readily identified Silver/Blue colors
  • Made in USA
  • Sprayer included
The sprayer only (SM-GB3001V8) can be purchased separately at the bottom of the page to be added to your own bottles.

SprayMaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 oz

Price: $7.99, 3/$17.99
Item ID: SM-87
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By Peter
July 26, 2017
Better off with a household spray bottle
Used it for 5 minutes and the trigger broke. Only got through spraying half my car with Hydro2. Ended up switching over to a cheapo household spray bottle to finish the job. Save your money and buy something else. Hoping that I will be able to get a refund without sending it back.
ProsRatio markings on the side of the bottle
ConsWeak trigger breaks too easily.
By Larry
Newark, nj
April 12, 2017
It can't be this complicated...
Ok, for starters, it's a tough bottle, and sprayer seems beefy. But, wtf with the dilution window? It's gotta be me. But here it goes. I think you fill with water to your desired ratio, like 4:1, then product to the fill line at the top of the scale. Right? Wrong. That's not 32 oz. Measured it out, and 32 is up the neck a bit. That means your dilution will be to the stronger side. Right? Can someone clarify this for me?
ProsBeefy bottle and trigger.
ConsJury still out on the dilution graduation and capacity.
By Frank
Hatfield PA
August 13, 2014
Good Quality
This is not the first time I purchased the SprayMaster , I own several of others from years ago , I like them so much I purchased this one I writing a review on . Good quality , pump is still working strong on my older ones . I like the measurement window on the side it shows ounces , ml and my favorite is the mixing ratio . I like the blank labels on the side so you can write down the product you have inside .
ProsGood pump , well made , color does not fade
By Jeff
Downey, CA
July 10, 2014
Nice Spray Bottle!!
Works good!! No problems.. Strong construction
By Don
Richmond B C canada
July 6, 2014
Pump spray leaks after 1 week
Not good pump sprays leak
By Frank
Venice, FL
June 25, 2014
Excellent Bottle — Disappointing Spray Head
The quality of this bottle is fantastic and based upon how long I have had some lower quality bottles the SprayMaster units should last me as long as I am around. Quantity size is perfect, bottle shape, balance and stability from being tipped over easily are all excellent traits of this bottle. The sprayer, while no doubt an item constructed of high quality, was a major disappointment. If you are looking for a spray head that is really good at shooting a solid strong stream of product a long distance this spray head will fit the bill with no problem. If you are looking for a spray head that will give you a nice spray mist that is uniform in application this is not the one you want to have on the bottle. The nozzle when adjusted to give some manner of spray and not a stream emits all manner of large droplets and drips all over the place — certainly not what I was expecting. I have ordered some SPR-HOG and SPR-250-W spray heads from AG to see if I can get a more useful spray head for the bottles. In the interim I have taken the sprayers from several of my Surf City bottles and placed them on the SprayMaster bottles. Too bad that the spray head performance does not live up to the quality of the bottle to which they are attached. Yes, I will buy more of the SprayMaster bottles but will replace the spray heads on them. It would be nice if SprayMaster offered the bottle only, without the spray head, for sale. I checked the box that I would recommend this item to a friend but only with the explanation of what to expect with regard to the spray head on this bottle. My five star rating applies to the bottle only, the spray head is at best a 2 or 3.
By Jopin Niazi
Plano, Texas
May 1, 2014
High quality product
Works as described
By Ryan
December 5, 2013
Quality Sprayer
You can tell the quality of the sprayer right when you pick this up and pull the trigger one time.
By Kevin
July 29, 2013
Excellent spray bottle
I have about a dozen of these bottles in my detailing cabinet, holding everything from 17.5% IPA to Iron X to quick detailers to Lexol leather care to various dilution APCs. The bottles are very durable. I have dropped a few of them, and they've done OK. I had Iron X in another bottle bought at Home Depot, and it started to eat through the bottle (or something else was). Since using the SprayMaster, I haven't had any issues with negative pressure collapsing of the walls of the bottle or with any deterioration of the bottle itself. Spray variability is great -- from stream to fine mist. I have issues only with one liquid -- Pinnacle Black Onyx tire spray. I am not sure what the issue is -- the liquid may be just too viscous for the sprayer. I love the translucent volume indicator on the side as well. I would definitely buy these bottles again and will always find something to put in them.
By DadOfThree
June 4, 2013
Poor quality
I bought this spray bottle to spray Bug Squash. It leaked from the trigger and would not spray. It was as if it was not priming. I finally got it to spray but it would not spray anything close to a mist, and it still leaked on every stroke. This is an absolute joke of a spray bottle. I have had much better luck with the white and black cheap o's available elsewhere on this site. You get a better sprayer and for the same money more of them.
By bzz
April 23, 2013
Good spray
very good spray, but i wish it can do dual pump action like their competitor.
November 23, 2012
Looks can be decieving
Bought this sprayer several months ago. It has some heft to it and seems to be very well built. However, I cannot even get my to spray tap water. It seems that it has difficulty priming itself. I tried it with several diluted APC's and wasn't able to even get a dribble out of it.
By Nova5757
October 14, 2012
Heavy Spray
I was looking for an all around sprayer, this is not it. It sprays a heavy spray and light misting is not achievable with this bottle.
By Dean
March 1, 2012
Average Sprayer
The sprayer's internals are not compatible with all chemicals, (such as undercarriage detailer), and the nozzle dribbles product all over the place as you use it. The nozzle also does not adjust the mist as finely as I would wish for the price. After buying a dozen of these over time I've started using the $2 Home Depot sprayers which work just as well.
By Bud Beals
September 14, 2011
It's a defective product that does not last long. I have bought about seven ( 7 ) total and three (3) of the spray nozzles have failed.
By daves120
May 14, 2011
Easy to adjust spray pattern
This bottle contains my APC mix and sprays a good amount with each squeeze fo the trigger. So far this is my favorite bottle.
By pinkthesink
June 13, 2010
Crafted like a high performance auto
Having bought spray bottles before, and using a multitude of detailer products that come in spray bottles; I instantly noticed the difference. Its solid and the trigger is powerful and sturdy. Nice volume markers on the see through guage. Im very satisfied with this spray bottle.
By Dave
April 26, 2010
sprymaster sprayer
This sprayer doesn't do well long term with bleach. The part where it screws on to the bottle cracks. I'm going back for my 3rd replacement today but will use it for other cleaners. The upshot is when it's brand new I've never had as good a sprayer.