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Speed Master Premium Glass Towel

No streaks, No smears, No dragging!

Speed master has long been a trusted name in detailing tools and accessories. They have continued to uphold that legacy with the creation of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel! The genius diamond flat-weave design of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel minimizes any streaking or smearing during the cleaning process. This makes sure that even the dirtiest windows and glass can be brought to absolute transparency with ease!

When you are cleaning your windows or glass, the towels and products you are using are of the utmost importance. Not just any shop towel will be able to get you the results you need when working to clear the plethora of contaminants and grime from your car’s glass. Most towels have longer fibers, which are the main cause of streaking when working on glass. They drag on the glass and create a trail of grime that we call a “streak”
The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel uses a unique diamond-weave pattern to grab on to dirt and pull it away from the surface without streaking or smearing - regardless of which glass cleaner is used!

The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel avoids this common problem by having drastically smaller fibers and a tight-knit weave. This ensures that the fibers generate as little drag as possible when being moved across the glass. No drag, no streaks!

The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel is absorbent enough to quickly suck up the grime and dirt once your preferred glass cleaner is applied. It will pull the contaminates deep into its fibers to prevent them from being redeposited onto your glass.

The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel was constructed to really be put through the wringer (pun intended). Its fibers are kitted tightly, which means they are much less likely to separate due to repeat use. The reduced drag of its diamond-weave construction also generates less friction, which reduce the amount of wear that the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel see over many uses. Towels may seem like a throw away wear piece, but there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to last through the long-haul!

Cleaning your glass doesn’t have to be the chore it has been in the past. The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel can help you see just how easy clear glass can be!

16 x 16 inches.

Speed Master Premium Glass Towel

Our Price: $8.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
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Lakewood, Colorado
Glass towels
Got these on a package deal I tried them and found out that they are not as absorbent as other glass towels hoping that washing them might help
ConsNot too absorbent
The best glass towel
I love these for cleaning my windows. They get them clean, they don't leave any streaks, and they hold up really well. I continue to buy more and is my favorite window cleaning towels!!
Laurel, MS
Glass towel
I received these towels as an added bonus when I purchased Black Label Diamond Glass Cleaner. I really like these towels. It wiped up the cleaner with ease and left no streaks behind. I will purchase more of these towels when it comes time.
Grove City, OH
Made Me A Believer ...
Previously, I had not used towels dedicated to glass cleaning. So, during the recent MF sale, I picked up a couple of these towels to try. What a difference they make. The diamond weave fabric picks up the dirt and grime and traps it, ensuring you don't smear it back on to the glass surface. And paired with my favorite amonia-free glass cleaner, the towel left no streaks either.
ProsCleans glass and leaves no streaks or smears. Seems to be well-constructed and should hold up to repeated use.
ConsNot really a con, but it might be useful if these came in a second, smaller size to use in tight interior glass spaces.
North Ridgeville , Ohio
Top notch
Ordered these during a BOGO deal. Thankful for that, as a single towel at about $9 is typically out of my price range, but damn they are nice. Received the towels and took them to use as a test on an exterior window dirty from the heavy rains and construction dust in my neighborhood. With ease, this towel picked up all the grime and left the glass streak free and clear as glass should be. I was impressed
ProsStreak free like its marketed as. Solid towel and a good size
ConsEven though I'll only ever use it for glass, the tag is very thick and substantial, yet woven into the piped edging so well that removal would probably ruin the towel. So ya, my biggest issue, if you want to call it that, it not really being able to remove the tag.