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SONAX Chrome & Aluminum Paste

SONAX Chrome & Aluminum Paste

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Clean, maintain and protect your metal – Sonax style!

Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste was designed to leave your chrome, aluminum, brass and copper cleaned and protected. The gentle paste formula will dissolve dirt and other corrosion from your surfaces, leaving a clean layer behind. Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste finishes with a protective layer, preventing future contamination and leaving treated surfaces as beautiful as they were on day one.

Chrome and aluminum pieces are the “bling” portions of a car. They’re meant to be shiny and eye catching; the first thing you notice when you see a vehicle. Unfortunately these bright pieces are prone to tarnishing without proper protection. Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste helps prevent this from happening!

Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste is slightly abrasive and will gently clean away the dirt, grime, and even rust from your chrome, aluminum, brass, or copper surface, restoring its original shine. Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste will then leave a protective layer behind to make sure that tarnishing doesn’t happen again.

Have a little rust on your tailpipe or back bumper? Sonax Chrome & Aluminum will remove rust quickly and thoroughly.

Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste is even safe for home use! Apply to your chrome hardware in your bathroom, your copper sink, and your antique brass light fixtures. Each of these products will be clean and protected.

Use a soft cloth or microfiber to apply Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste. Depending on contamination of surface, use moderate to strong pressure to rub product in. Polish thoroughly and use a soft clean polishing cloth to shine and bring back original finish.

Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Paste is not recommended for use on painted metal surfaces (alloy rims) or chrome plated plastic.

75 ml. (2.5 oz.)

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SONAX Chrome & Aluminum Paste