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SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating

The most hydrophobic coating ever created!

SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is not a wax or paint sealant. In fact, it's much different. This two-stage coating blankets your vehicle's paintwork in a flexible shell of extremely glossy protection that lasts years, not months. Compared to a conventional wax or paint sealant, SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating provides superior gloss and better resistance to environmental impacts such as bird droppings, water spots, car wash scratches, and more. SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is for the person that wants the best protection for their vehicle!

SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is the most advanced surface care enhancement product to ever come from Germany. Here's what SONAX CC36 provides: incredible gloss, sheeting that is out of this world, superior longevity to any wax or sealant, and ease of application. SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating will redefine how you detail your vehicle.

SONAX CC36 does more than sit on your paint. A special bond is created between product and surface, protecting against hostile environmental hazards and providing a lasting, glass-like finish.

SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is an all inclusive kit that requires no special training or equipment needed to apply. Even if you are not a professional detailer, you can certainly achieve professional results with SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating.

With protection that lasts up to one year, SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating gives you peace of mind. Rather than having wax your car every 2-3 months, simply take care of the existing coating and you're surface is glossy and protected!

Don't leave your vehicle unprotected simply because you think you're not ready for a coating. SONAX CC36 provides durable protection, and insanely gloss finish, and can be applied without special equipment. Extend the life of both your paint AND its shine with SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating.

Directions for use:
  • Using your preferred method, thoroughly clean the paint and polish with a machine to a high-gloss finish with no swirls or holograms. The surface needs to be absolutely clean before SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is applied.
  • Using the enclosed applicator labeled 1, apply SONAX BaseCoat (1) in a thin layer. For sensitive paint surfaces, the enclosed Microfiber Cloth can be used wrapped around the applicator.
  • Treat a small surface area using a criss-cross sequence. Allow to dry for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute at the most, then wipe the treated surface with a clean microfiber towel to a streak free shine.
  • Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is treated and allow to cure for at least 1 hour - make sure the surfaces are not touched and do not get wet during this curing process.
  • After the prescribed curing time, apply the SONAX GlossCoat (2) to achieve a superior smoothness and deep shine. Spray the product directly onto white side of the applicator labeled 2 and spread over the surface.
  • You can treat areas of a half bonnet in size, which then need to be wiped over with a microfiber towels to remove excess product (drying is not necessary).
SONAX Pro Tips:
  • Do not apply SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating onto hot surfaces.
  • To ensure a perfectly smooth and even application, working in a well-lit garage is recommended.
  • Within an hour of applying SONAX BaseCoat, missed areas or streaks can be dissolved and removed by applying the product again.
  • The sealed vehicle should not be washed within the first three days after being treated, and when it is washed, do not use a high alkaline cleaner. Do not polish the vehicle after treatment.

75 ml Made in Germany

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of this products by air, 3 Day, 2 Day, or US Mail. This item is shipped by Ground only. Sorry but no APO or FPO addresses.

SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating

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Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA
East to Apply
The coating was easy to apply. There was enough in the kit to do my entire truck with some left over, so I believe you could do a full sized SUV with the kit. I agree with another reviewer on the second stage sponge being hard to slide until it gets a decent build up of product.
Ok, this is a very reflective coating. I have applied the Carpro and 3D coatings in the past and this was about the same as the 3D coating for easiness of installation. I think it woukd be a great first coating for anybody.
Preparation was the hardest part. Results were well worth the effort.
ProsEase of use Looks like glass! A lot of coverage in the kit
ConsSecond stage sponge was hard to slide until product was somewhat built up.
Proper maintenance of Sonax CC36
I used the CC36 on my Range Rover and it is very impressing. I am now trying to find out what is the reccomended maintenace of the coat - but cant find anyting about that - any help here ?.
Merchant Response:For a shampoo, the SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy works fantastic on that CC36 coating - https://www.autogeek.net/sonax-profiline-actifoam-energy.html For a great detail spray, we would recommend using the SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer - https://www.autogeek.net/sonax-ceramic-ultra-slick-detailer.html
Miami, Florida
First rate
I followed directions, prepped surfaces and applied the two- step ceramic coating. This kit can be used by professional detailers and the average car owner.
ProsEasy to use. beautiful results. great surface protection.
ConsIt is two aerosol cans, which means it cannot be shipped via air. But it was worth the wait.
Salt Lake City, UT
Impressive finish
While I cannot say anything about durability, since I just applied it, I am impressed with the outcome. It was applied to a new BMW, after claying lightly. The shine and water repellence is amazing. A few comments:
I would recommend applying the base coat as thinly as possible while getting full coverage with criss-cross strokes.
Second, make sure you have daylight without glare. Even the best indoor LED lighting did not reveal the streaking that can occur. This streaking has to be buffed off soon after application or you will have minute streaks that may look like hairline scratches. Do a small section at a time and wipe it off right away (30-60 seconds).
From some of the comments, I think people may be applying it way too thickly. If the coating is only a few molecules thick - that which bonds to the clearcoat, then clearly a fat wet sheen is uneccessary. The directions say to use a thin coat. What is in the video actually seems like overkill and will make removal more difficult. Also I was able to finish a small convertible with about half of each can.
Finally, the sponge used for the gloss coat is very rough and does not spread the liquid well until it is saturated. Getting it to the right wetness makes application much easier and more consistent. Until then it is coarse and almost feels like it could scratch, although it does not.
The slickness is not what I am used to with waxes and some silicone sealants. Anything set down on one of those will slide right off the car. Not with this coating. Although it is incredibly hydrophobic and water just sheets right off. I did not find it to be too much effort. Sure it takes time to do it right, but it is not as scary as some ceramic coatings where a mistake is very hard to rectify. The second coat is easier than waxing the car - it is really just wipe on and buff off. Takes about 30-45 minutes for the whole car.
Lahore, Pakistan
Easy to apply but little bit more time consuming
User friendly along with great result. It gives brilliant gloss and paint protection. Just install and wait for one/two hours for curing and you are ready to drive.