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> Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel, 6 Pack

Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel, 6 Pack

The best towel for waterless car washes!

The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel is a thick, double-sided (gray/blue) towel that was designed specifically for performing a waterless wash on your car, truck, van, boat or RV. The nap, border, weight and overall design of this towel are tailored to suit the needs of waterless wash fanatics. From its thick nap that traps dirt and grime to the scratch-free silk border, the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel answers one of the most frequently asked questions in car care and detailing – “what’s the best towel for waterless washes?”

The Shine and Buff Waterless Wash Towel is thick enough to trap dirt and dust particles
Use the GRAY side of the towel for the initial wipe...
The Shine and Buff Waterless Wash Towel is soft enough for delicate paint finishes
Use the BLUE side of the towel for the final buff. Avoiding cross-contaminating your towels has never been easier!
What’s the big deal about waterless washes? As more countries enforce stringent water restrictions, it’s becoming more difficult to wash your vehicle using traditional methods. In some countries, it’s even illegal to wash your vehicle with a hose and bucket. Waterless wash products provide a quick, safe, and in some instances, a legal way to wash your car! By designing the perfect towel for waterless washes, we’ve made it possible to get even better results from your favorite waterless car wash product!

The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel is a heavy-hitter in the world of microfiber towels. This massive (over 600 g/m2!) microfiber towel features a thick pile that lifts, traps and holds dirt particles away from your vehicle’s delicate finish. The silk border ensures even the softest paint systems don’t get scratched or marred as you rub it across the surface. Pair the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel with a high-quality waterless wash, like Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash with Carnauba, and you’ll be minutes away from clean, shiny, scratch-free paint!

The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel is double-sided – one side is blue and the other is gray. Use the gray side of the towel for the initial wipe and flip it over to the blue side for the final buff. This ensures you don’t confuse the clean side of the towel for the dirty side and accidentally scratch your vehicle’s finish. Little details like this make it clear that a lot of thought was put into the design of the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel.

Don’t stop at waterless washes! The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel works equally well with quick detail spray and spray on car waxes. While its nap is thick enough to trap dirt and dust particles, it won’t cause unwanted drag which could potentially scratch the finish. The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel is one of the most versatile microfiber towels available!

16 x 16 inches

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Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel, 6 Pack

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Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel
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Pinetop, AZ
shine & buff waterless wash towel, 6 Pack
It's great to have a product that is so comfortable to use. It makes the job at hand so easy. There is no guest work to using these towels.
Prosgreat towels
Orlando, Florida
My Go-To Micro Towel
This towel is great. I have about 15 of them. It's my Go-To Towel for Rinseless/Waterless washes. I love the two color design. I use the grey side for the initial wipe with the Rinseless solution, then wipe/dry with the blue side. I never get the initial dirt or grime on the surface with the drying wipe. Great idea. They are the Perfect size for Rinseless washing. Nice and fluffy too.
Okay. Not great. Would not re-buy.
I thought these towels would be more absorbant, but they were just okay. They are very thick, and it's not fraying or anything. I also did use the gray side for wiping off the waterless wash and the blue side for buffing/drying. Personally liked a 350+ gsm edgeless for both functions.

Also, even though I washed with a dedicated MF wash directly after use, the towels still feel like thwy have some product on it. So it's not great that it holds onto the waxes in ky waterless wash so well...but I guess it means they really do grab a lot? I just don't know with these, to be honest.

Stick with an edgeless MF towel. These are juat too fussy and not worth the money I paid, especially since the shipping fee completely canceled out my discount, anyway. Disappointed all around.
ProsThick Good quality
ConsSlow to absorb Holds waxes in its fibers even after washing properly Too fussy to deal with when all you want is a quick waterless wash
My Go To Gear!
I must own over 200 MF Towels and found this dual sided system is much easier to remember when using my new favorite Waterless Wash System - Ammo Frothe in Aerator! This stuff blows ONR away and enables you to wash TWO vehicles using only 20 ounces of water mixed with the Frothe! As directed in the photos - after spraying foam onto a panel, I make my first pass over it with the grey side (several times even) and simply flip it back over to pick up any residue w the Blue Side!
Simple as that folks!
ProsColor coordinated makes it super easy to remember which side you used to do what with! So incredibly soft, you're vehicle will love you for it!
ConsWish they came in a larger size as 16x16 can get used up faster than a 24" sized towel - flipping it each time.
Best Rinseless Towels - period!
I've spend a lot of money trying to find the "best" rinseless wash towel for my Jet Black Nissan. I live in PacNW with 40 in of rain yearly = lots of road grime on side body panels. These towels with ONR do the best job of cleaning without creating micro swirls on the paint. The are 600 GSM weight and have a long enough loop fiber to hold dirt without creating the towel drag that edgeless towels can when they have long fibers. The banding give the towel enough substance to allow it to stay formed in your hand without deforming (like edgeless towels) to the point where it becomes too hard to keep the towel on the paint. The great thing about these towels is that they release dirt really well during washes - using Micro Restore they come out like new - just try to avoid greasy areas on lower side body panels - keep older towels for that purpose and use bug/tar remover first. If you do rinseless washes then you'll need lots of towels as you should only wipe once in one direction before flipping to a new side. I use these for initial grime removal, then follow with another spray of ONR and another wipe with either these towels or a thinner edgeless (500 GFM) with less pressure. Then follow with a "drying agent" in high humidity or cold weather, i.e., CarPro Elixir, Optimum Opti Seal, or Optimum Car Wax. Key is NOT to drag dirt over the surface - change sides after one wipe only - you'll use more towels, but you'll get no scratches.
ProsPerfect ONR rinseless wash towelss These towels pick up lots of dirt They release dirt really well - much reduced discoloring of towels due to dirt - use grey side on high dirt areas then flip to blue side for second ONR wipe Suggest using bug/tar remover with older towels on lower side panels first before main rinseless wash Banding allows towels to hold shape much better than edgeless - really helps on high dirt areas High longevity - I've had two dozen with weekly use for three years - just now transferring older towels to lower body panel cleaning. Saves edgeless towels for final buff