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Poorboy's World Iron Remover 32 oz.

Poorboy's World Iron Remover 32 oz.

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Fully decontaminate your paint – Poorboy's World style!

Poorboy's World Iron Remover is a chemical paint decontaminator used exterior painted surfaces, glass, wheels, and chrome pieces to remove ferrous metallic iron particles caused by rail dust, brake dust, and industrial fallout. Shining and glossy paint starts with a perfect surface that can only be achieved by fully cleaning and decontaminating your vehicle – Poorboy's World Iron Remover will get you there fast!

In the old days, washing your car simply meant grabbing your old bucket, dish sponge, and ratty old towel and spending your Saturday afternoon scrubbing. Once clean, you threw on a layer of car wax and called it a day. Thankfully, the detailing times are a-changing and we know more about proper car care than ever before. For example, we know that to have the best shine possible, you must have completely clean paint.

Vehicles are exposed to a lot during their time on the road – and iron particles caused by industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust are just a few of them. Recent developments in the car care world have allowed an easier way to clean paint – and Poorboy's World Iron Remover is one of those products! Poorboy's World Iron Remover uses its specialized formula to dissolve and remove those ferrous contaminants from your vehicle.
When Poorboy's World Iron Remover comes into contact with iron particles in your paint, a chemical reaction occurs that causes a deep red/purple color - that's how you know it's working!
Poorboy's World Iron Remover contains no dyes, but it will change color right before your eyes! When Poorboy's World Iron Remover comes into contact with iron particles in your paint, a chemical reaction occurs producing a color change of clear to a purple/red. This chemical reaction lets you know that you do indeed have some iron contamination in your paint and that it is currently in the process of being removed!

Poorboy's World Iron Remover is safe to use on all exterior painted surfaces, glass, wheels, and chrome. Although the chemical reaction is easier to see on lighter colored vehicles, Poorboy's World Iron Remover performs just as equally on any paint color. Before you invest your time and energy into compounding, polishing, and protecting your paint, make sure you start with a perfectly clean finish! Poorboy's World Iron Remover is the best way to start!

Directions for use:
  • Wash and dry your entire vehicle first to remove all loose dirt and grime from the surface.

  • Shake Poorboy's World Iron Remover well, spray the surface to be cleaned and allow to dwell for approximately 5-10 minutes. Be sure not to let Poorboy's World Iron Remover dry on the surface; a light mist of water may be used to keep the surface wet.

  • Agitate the treated surface with a soft wash mitt or microfiber towel. Be sure your washing medium is only used for iron removal to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Rinse the freshly decontaminated surface well with water and ensure all traces of product are removed. Once rinsed, follow up with a complete car wash before moving on to your other detailing steps.
32 oz.

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67% Recommend this product (2 of 3 responses)
Works great on neglected wheels!
Haven't used an iron remover before but I like adding options to my arsenal. I used this as a wheel cleaner on some *very* neglected wheels right after a brief rinse (see photos). This stuff immediately turned purple however it took some time to get the really baked on dust off. Be patient, it says five minutes, take the 5 minutes. I kept misting it with product and water so it didn't dry and simply rinsed off at the end. At the time I didn't have any brushes set aside exclusively for this product so the photos are with zero agitation. Next time I would definitely do some scrubbing to get this product into the smaller nooks.
From what I can gauge, you get a decent amount. A liberal spray (get the extra spray nozzle) to coat an entire car would probably use about 1/6th or more of this bottle if I were to guess. Not bad at all. It's very watery so getting it to sit on wheels or vertical surfaces is difficult, I probably had to use more than I would have liked to. A little gel/thickening agent would go a long way here. And I have to mention the smell. Wow is that bad. Use it outside on a windy day. Think rotten eggs.
The real question: Would I buy this again? Yes! I believe this has a permanent home on my detailing shelf somewhere between wheel cleaner and tar remover. I can't wait to try it on paint.
ProsEffective, little effort needed for great results.
ConsRequires some patience and that smell.
Pt. Roberts, WA
Great price, great quality
Awesome iron remover for the cost. This is still my favorite brand due to the low cost and effectiveness of their products.
Harrisburg, Pa
Another solid product from Poorboy's.
First use was the back of a neglected wheel. The grime easily wiped away after less than a minute of dwell time.
Anticipating using this on the fleet that i work on. Being directly beside a rail yard makes plenty of fallout.
Be aware this product smells horrible but is worth it for the results.