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Optimum Ultra Clay Towel

Optimum Ultra Clay Towel

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The next evolution of the clay bar!

The Optimum Ultra Clay Towel makes mechanically decontaminating your paint easier and safe than it has ever been before! Mechanically decontaminating your paint with the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel will greatly increase your paint level of gloss. Due to Optimum Ultra Clay Towel effectively removing all of the contamination on your paint, your waxes and sealants will also bond better, and for longer! The Optimum Ultra Clay Towel will last you much longer than a traditional clay bar, saving you money.

It is a well-known fact among detailers that both environmental and artificial contaminants will quickly blanket your entire paint surface in the time it takes for you to drive to the end of your street. These contaminants will embed themselves in your paint. One there, they cause microscopic bumps on the surface of your paint. Because gloss is generated as a result of smoothness, these contaminants ruin that possibility. Once they are stuck on your paint surfaces, the only way to get them off is to use an effective mechanical decontamination tool like the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel!

The Optimum Ultra Clay Towel has a sticky and moderately abrasive surface. When you gently rub the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel over the surface of your paint using a clay lubricant, most of the contamination will stick to the towel and be pulled out. Any contamination that is not pulled out of the paint is ground down flat with the surface of the paint to prevent is from ruining your glossy shine.

This contamination does more than just rob your paint of gloss however. Due to the textured surface it creates, it will also prevent sealants, waxes, and coatings from properly bonding to the surface of your paint. Using the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel to remove these contaminates will once again restore your paint to a smooth surface and allow all waxes and sealants to bond more strongly. This will result in a longer life-span of your products AND better results!

Optimum Ultra Clay Towel is made using an artificial clay-like media that is much more resilient than your standard clay bar. This added resilience means that you will be able to decontaminate your paint many more times with a single towel, saving you quite a bit a money in the long run!

Wash and dry your vehicle first to remove any loose debris from the paint. As always, it is best to use the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel out of direct sunlight and on a surface that is cool to the touch.

1. Dilute Optimum No Rinse at a 1:64 ratio (ONR:Water) and spray it liberally onto a small section of the paint.
2. Use the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel to gently rub the lubricated surface in an up and down motion.
3. Once there is no longer any pulling or resistance on the Optimum Ultra Clay Towel, dry the surface with a drying towel. Inspect the section to ensure the contamination has been adequately removed.
4. Repeat until the entire paint surface is decontaminated.

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Anaheim, California
Four and Half Stars
I'm torn between 4 and 5 star rating. Why? Because 5 would have to be perfection, or close to it. This towel isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good. I like that it's flexible enough to be folded over into halves, or 4ths. I tried it both ways, and both ways is fine. I won't bother trying to leave it completely open, as it's too big for my hand that way. Only used it once, so far, and I wasn't disappointed. In actuality, I may pick up a second one! Not sure if it's "fine" or "medium" grade, but my guess would lean closer to medium. It did pretty quick work of the contaminants on my car. There were some spots with clay marring, but that was to be expected. I'm planning on polishing anyway, so I wasn't being gentle with the towel. Great product, just shy of the 5 stars
ProsFlexible Soft MF mesh side good size for folding effective *Also tried claying with FerreX, didn't seem to degrade it at all
ConsInitial cost (will pay for itself in the long run) stitched borders are of concern, but can't say if it's actually bad. Just a concern
Uniontown, OH
Works great!
I've used other clay alternatives in the past and always experienced heavy marring on the paint. Which is okay if I am going to polish. But with the ultra clay towel and using optimum spray wax as lube I have not had any noticeable marring. It is not an aggressive clay so it does have its limits but for 90% of my jobs it does the trick.
Awesome fine grade towel
This thing rocks! Cuts your clay time like crazy. Onr wash, come right behind with towel then Opti spray wax and dry. Wash, clay wax dry in 20 mins on a sedan.