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Poorboy's World Natty’s Paste Wax – BLUE

The Poorboy’s Paste Wax Formulated for Dark Paints!

Poorboy’s has done it again! You’re no doubt familiar with their outstanding Natty’s Paste Wax and its remarkable shine, but now they’ve gone and changed the formula! Not to worry, it’s a change for the better, particularly if you have a dark-colored vehicle. The new formula, called Natty’s Paste Wax (BLUE), is designed specifically to hide blemishes and scratches in dark paints. Otherwise, it has all the same great qualities you’ve come to expect from Natty’s!

Natty’s Paste Wax (BLUE) is a high quality wax minus the high price typically associated with Carnaubas. Patented UV light absorbers keep your paint fresh and protected throughout the life of the wax. You’ll love the way your paint looks and feels under Natty’s! Apply additional layers to increase the depth and glimmer.

Besides the amazing visual advantage Natty’s lends to your car, I’d have to say that my favorite aspect of it is the incredible ease of application. Using a foam applicator, apply a thin even layer. (Some professional detailers say application is smoother yet when your applicator is damp.) Ease of application means just that—regardless if you want to wax-on, wax-off, let it haze and immediately wipe away or if you want to do the whole car then buff off, it’s all good! Like all Poorboy’s products, it was made to be foolproof. Even first time users will always get professional-looking, jaw-dropping results! Applying waxes in direct sunlight is usually a big non-no, but Natty’s seems to thrive in the hot, glaring sun. It’s very resilient and very impressive! Your car’s surface will feel satiny-smooth under your fingertips.
Poorboy's World Natty's Blue Wax looks great on dark colors. The carnauba wax in Natty's Blue creates a slick shine on all  paints.
Forum member Evan D. took these great shots of Natty's Blue on his Mustang.
Use it alone or as a “topper.” Natty’s Paste Wax (BLUE) can be applied by itself for stunning results. Unfortunately, the life of a Carnauba wax is much shorter than a paint sealant. Poorboy’s recommends using Natty’s over a paint sealant for maximum longevity and an eye-popping wet gleam. It is clear and reflective which means layering it over a sealant like EX or EX-P will add another protective layer to your car while adding the richness of Carnauba. I’ve seen Natty’s used on practically every color car, and although the results are always splendid, none works better on dark paints than the new BLUE formula. Natty’s Paste Wax was created specifically for show cars. To make things easier on show car preparers, it was designed to ward off dust better than other waxes. Your car looks fantastic for longer!

To stretch the life of your Natty’s Paste Wax (BLUE), try Poorboy’s QW+ between major wax applications. This gives a couple of benefits: it replenishes the oils that evaporate from the wax over time, helps wipe away contaminants, dirt and dust that have accumulated, kicks up the shine, AND adds fresh Carnauba to the Natty’s that covers the car. QW is literally a spray wax that offers real protection to the existing Natty's Blue. I’d suggest it to anyone over a sealant but specifically over a Carnauba wax — in literally minutes you can attain a freshly-detailed finish while extending the time between major wax applications by weeks!

8 oz.

Every product I have purchased from Autogeek has been top quality and is always as easy to use as stated on the website. Delivery cant be beat by ANYONE. I wish other websites had the delivery time that Autogeek has! I'm definitely recommending Autogeek to everyone I know!! A first class business, just like their products.
M. Sigler, Clearwater, FL

Poorboy's World Natty’s Paste Wax – BLUE

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By Dan
September 7, 2014
The best!
This is the best wax I have ever used! I have bought expensive wax and tried, but to me Poorboy's World Natty’s Paste Wax – BLUE is the best. I detail semi trucks, cars trucks, fire trucks and farm tractors, and this is the only wax I will use.
ProsEasy to use, can use in sun or shade, and not expensive.
By Houckster
June 18, 2014
Smells nice and leaves a nice shine.
Like most others, I suppose, I'm using this product as a topper. Since I just recently used it, I can only comment on the ease of application and the shine, both of which are very nice. Of course, the scent is nice too. I have been applying this wax with a DA polisher.
ProsBeads nicely, Easy application and removal of thin coats. Nice price. Nice scent. Can be layered
ConsThis is a topper wax and it probably won't stand up to bug splats, bird bombs and water spots. Expect to wax at least monthly if the vehicle is a daily driver. The wax comes in a container that is cheap and it probably won't survive being dropped on a hard surface from any height. The pot is about 3.5" in diameter that's also a negative in my book.
By Rick
September 18, 2012
Very Good Wax
Tried Natty's Blue paste wax for the first time. Applies like butter. Wait a few minutes, buffs off with ease. Very good wax for the price.
By jj
September 2, 2012
blue true!! wow
This is a great affordable wax. It is a great paste wax. It is my in between for souveran. I can honestly say that my black vehicles look great. It is a perfect topper and wow what a wet look you get when you put it on. I am impressed. yop this over 845 and spray in some spray and gloss and/or finish with crystal mist and pow!! You will not be disappointed.
By Alex
April 4, 2012
Looks great!
I clayed my 11 Charger and since the paint didn't need any correction, I just hand applied Natty's Blue. Fantastic! I applied it in cool weather (62 degrees) and it went on easy and came off easy too. I did applied and then removed one panel at a time and it went on easy and came off easy as well. Only one or two areas were harder to remove and I just hit them with a quick spritz of a QD and the Nattys came off. Nice wax!
By Taylor
November 9, 2011
Good Value!
This was my first non-OTC wax. Starting off I had issues removing it, but I was putting it on way too thick. As they say, less is more. Looks great on darker colors!
By Jordan
May 19, 2011
dripping wet
This natty blue is my new go to wax. It gives great depth and makes the paint look like it is dripping wet. Adds excellent protection and great beading. Not to mention my mouth waters when i use it fromt he bubblegum scent!!
By Jordan
May 19, 2011
paint looks wet!
This wax is absolutely amazing! It makes the paint look dripping wet and adds awesome depth. It is so easy to apply and remove, even in direct sun! Not to mention the bubble gum scent makes my mouth water!
By Brandon
May 9, 2010
It Works!!
It works wonder on my 535xi monaco blue! Easy to apply. Easy to wipe off. Result is FANTASTIC!!!!!
By Matt
June 13, 2009
Excellent stuff
Just finished applying a layer of Natty paste wax on my 2008 BMW 335i in Monaco blue. Let me tell you, the results are outstanding. The wax is very easy to use and works wonderfully. Fantastic stuff for the price. I have Pinnacle as well, and this is absolutely just as good; I might even like this a bit better.
By Tom Kelley
August 24, 2008
This stuff is amazing. Almost applies itself. Great wet look. Easy on very easy off, best applicating wax i have used. Highly recommended for dark colors.
By Andy
August 10, 2008
great wax
Great wax, very easy to use, used it over KAIO, and KHGS, looks amazing. Gets rid of some swirls, and the shine is amazing.
By AL417
May 31, 2007
So Easy, So Worth It
Get this wax. It's is easy to use. Gives awesome results and smells like bubblegum. This is a great wax at a great price.
By Brian G.
May 2, 2007
One of the best Dollar for Dollar 'naubas on the Market
Natty's Blue is in my opinion one of the best carnauba waxes on the market, especially considering the price. Rich, deep shine for all darker colored paints. I will often use this as a topper to EX or EX-P for great looks and protection. Application is very versatile as well; sun, shade, doesn't seem to affect Natty's like other products on the market.
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 25, 2007
The best wax for the price
even works on light colors too...best wax in its price range...and probably better than most twice its price...does a good job of filling minor swirls
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Natty's Blue
I love this product. It is uber easy to use and great on dark colored vehicles. You won't find a better wax for the money.
By Mike T
April 23, 2007
Highly underrated
Easy on/off. Leaves a slick deep finish. Beads water well. Great on dark colors.
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 21, 2007
great value
the bet wax for dark colors...brings out amazing depth and lasts a long time
By FloridaNative
June 23, 2006
A great carnauba
In my opinion Natty's is the best carnauba you can buy for the money. The depth and wetness are excellent! The price is a steal, the smell is heavenly and being able to use it in the sun is a big plus. Plus you only have to wait 2 hours between coats! An awesome wax!
By Richard Lindsay
June 14, 2006
Great Job
I thought it did a remarkable job on my Tl and my wife's 350Z
By belcherm58
April 5, 2006
Awesome wax
I put 2 coats of Poorboys Ex 24 hrs apart and 1 coat of Natty's Blue. All I can say is wow! The shine is awesone! I am sold on Poorboys Natty's Blue and there is no place like Autogeek for carrying such great products and the customer service is unmatched.
By James Watkins
March 22, 2006
Blue Magic!
Natty's Blue is by far the best value on the market! It is easy to apply, but make sure to apply thinly! It is a little tougher to remove than the Pinnacle waxes or P21s wax, but still Natty's is superior to all when price is considered! Not a lot of cash, but what a shine!!
By Scott
March 18, 2006
Amazing Carnuba
Simply this little can is a carnuba powerhouse. Easy on, not to shabby at removal either. Looks good, very good. Didnt find the fillers needed, but should not be overlooked for good paint needing an edge.
By Matt
March 18, 2006
great stuff
This wax is easy to apply, easy to remove and leaves a great finish. for the price you can not go wrong.on dark colors it looks very wet.
By Nick
March 17, 2006
Good stuff
This stuff is great. It is true, this wax does work better in the sun. I let it haze, and all the swirls on my car just seemed to dissappear (well not really, but it deffinitely helped). Well worth the money, and ranks right up there with the 50 dollar waxes, and even the high end zymol's.
By Mike T
March 17, 2006
Great for black
leaves a great shine and exellent depth. the more layers the better. this product is my final step in all my details.