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> > Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding, 12 Pack

Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding, 12 Pack

Absorbent banding is the future of microfiber technology!

The Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding represents a breakthrough in microfiber technology! These specially constructed microfiber towels were designed to gently buff off liquid waxes, paste waxes, compounds, polishes and sealants without instilling swirl marks or leaving pesky lint behind. The 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide is the perfect balance of plushness and tightly knit design, making the towel perfect for buffing off stubborn compounds and polishes. The silk banding around the towel is absorbent as well, increasing the towel’s ability to evenly distribute quick detail sprays and spray waxes without creating streaks. The fact that 3 unique colors are available helps prevent cross contamination.

Here's a fact: You should NEVER use the same towel to wipe off wax that was previously used to wipe off compound, and visa-versa. Why? CROSS CONTAMINATION! The last thing you want is silicone oils and synthetic polymers mixing with compound or polish residue. For that same reason you should ALWAYS separate the towels when you wash them. Example: Wash your compound and polish towels separately from your wax removal towels, etc. Remember that quality microfiber towels are an investment, one that will last quite some time if properly cared for. You should only wash them with a microfiber detergent, like BLACKFIRE Microfiber Cleaner & Restorer.

The Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding will quickly become one of your favorite microfiber detailing towels. Not only are they constructed for the long haul, but they will not lint, the fibers will not stiffen over time, and the innovative absorbent banding is far less likely to snag on emblems and badges. This is the microfiber towel you've been waiting for!

16 x 16
12 Pack

Fiber is strong enough not to lint
Good enough for any detailing job, including interior care
Absorbent banding prevents streaking
Absorbent banding prevents streaks (blue shown for demonstration)

Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding, 12 Pack

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Rusk, Texas
Elite Microfiber
Although these look and feel like quality towels they aren't as thick as lead to believe. They are more like a thin general purpose towels. Disappointed.
Haven't used them yet so can't say for there performance and durability or any lint they leave behind. Guess classify these as thin quality towels they aren't as thick as pictured.
As you can see in my pictures how thin these actually are. A stack of 12 is only 3.5"s thick.
a very good quality towel more multiple uses. Very thick and absorbent.
Proshigh quality
Battle Ground, WA
Great towel!
Very nice towel. Not a super thick towel but a medium weight, plush on one side and tight on the other. Great for wax removal or buffing. Nice soft banding on edge.
ProsSoft band on edge, plush side and tight side, great size, high quality, affordable.
Montrose CO
Elite microfiber
Excellent microfiber thick with soft edging. Used them today for buffing carnuba wax and one towel did my entire HD trike with.no wax loading problems. Also used one to dry the trike after washing. They did great.
ProsLarge size allows more time getting the job done.
Des Plaines Illinois
This product works well. I may purchase more.