Mazda MX6 Turbo Detail By Tyler

Mazda MX6 Turbo Detail By Tyler

The car is a 1989 Mazda MX6 Turbo with very neglected paint. I did the standard wash and clay, used Poorboys Spray & Rinse Wheel Cleaner on the wheels, then washed the car once again.

I followed by using Pinnacle XMT 3 with an orange Lake Country CCS pad with the PC 7424 at speed setting of 6. I would have liked to follow it with XMT1 but I didnt have enough time, had to return the car to the customer.

Finally, I applied a coat of Pinnacle Liquid Souveran with a blue finessing pad on the PC.


  • Wash, Poorboys Spray and Rinse on wheels plus green Scotchbrite pad and steel wool
  • Clayed entire car
  • Polish with Porter Cable 7424 and Pinnacle XMT 3 with orange Lake Country Light Cutting CCS pad
  • Cleaned interior, wiped down with woolite and water, vacuumed, cleaned glass
  • A coat of Pinnacle Liquid Souveran was the final step

"The Pinnacle XMT line of products is very easy to use, XMT3 really tackled the oxidation on this Mazda's red paint. Just a few minutes on each panel with an orange lake Country CCS pad was enough to bring back the shine. It is my favorite polish and it does everything that I need it to do. Remove oxidation, remove swirls, etc." Tyler M. - Crystal Lake IL.