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5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!

Featuring EXCLUSIVE hybrid foam technology - new & improved!

Years of careful research and development have led to Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads! This innovative collection of pads is manufactured with the state-of-the-art foam compositions you won't find anywhere else, Lake Country Hybrid Foam, but now new and improved! Each pad has a denser composition and thicker foam to provide more control and superior cutting or polishing action. Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads stand up to the rigors of machine detailing, time after time.

What makes Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads different? Think of it this way: you wouldn't use a soft foam sponge to apply a polish. The abrasives would get lost in the cells. Tighter and dense foam is better to keep the abrasives in contact with the surface being polished. Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads take that rationale a step farther with ultra dense foam compositions that keep the product on top of the foam, where it belongs.

The detailing world is forever evolving and advancing – much to the benefit of all of us! New types of polishing machines are being introduced, and foam pad manufacturers like Lake Country are keeping up admirably. With forced rotation polishers, like the FLEX XC3401, it was found that thicker pads generally outperformed smaller, thinner pads and is more user friendly.

Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads are 1.25 inches thick and feature a tapered edge design (pictured) for a totally unique compounding and polishing experience. Due to high density foam, these pads are long-wearing and maintain their shape through many uses.

Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads are available in the following types of foam:

5.25 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Wool Pad (Single)

5.25 inch Force Hybrid Blue Wool Pad – This wool pad is similar to the regular purple foamed wool pad but has more foam in the core, making it denser. The foam-wool composition means this pad sheds less, cuts better, and leaves a smoother finish than a standard wool pad.

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Grey Pad (Single)

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Grey Pad – This Force Hybrid foam pad provides the high level of cut expected from a heavy foam cutting pad, but finishes like a foam finishing pad! It removes moderate to severe paint imperfections like swirls, scratches, and marring.

5 Inch Hybrid Power Finish Orange Pad (Single)

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Orange Pad – This light cutting pad features super dense construction which enables it to remove defects quickly without compressing, like softer pads can. This pad will remove light to moderate paint imperfections like swirls, scratches, and light marring.

5 Inch Hybrid Power Finish White Pad (Single)

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid White Pad – The white Force Hybrid pad features very dense foam. Use this pad to remove light imperfections, apply a light polish, cleaner wax, and any jobs for which you'd use the standard Lake Country white polishing pad.

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Black Pad (Single) 5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Black Pad– This pad provides no mechanical cutting ability but thanks to its dense foam, it provides superior control while polishing. It features super soft foam, which makes it ideal for finishing polishes, waxes, sealants, and glazes.
5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Red Pad (Single)

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Red Pad– This soft, Force Hybrid foam is ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint, rather than soaking it up.

The backing material on each pad is 5 inch, which makes it perfect for use with a 5 inch backing plate, a 4 inch backing plate is suitable as well.

Wash Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads with Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Revitalizer and lay flat to dry with the backing material facing up. Store dry pads in sealed bags or bins to prevent contamination between uses.

The Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads are like nothing you've tried before. The dense, long-wearing foam compositions maximize product performance to create a flawless finish every time.

5.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!

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Tampa, FL
A must for the flex 3401
Match made in Heaven for the Flex 3401! I tried Meguiar's MF Cut disks and Hex Logic pads and couldn't seem to get the polisher to finish easily. These pads CUT and POLISH extremely well with the added benefit of being more controllable at 5 inches in diamater. Only 4 or 5 passes to cut and 4 passes with slow arm speed to finish on HARD ford paint. Transformed the FLEX for me! You do have to pick up the 4 inch lake country backing plate first.
ProsCut quickly with orange pad, polish and finish with the white pad. The buffing liquid stays on the surface of the pad as opposed to absorbing in it.
ConsPads take a long time to dry because of the foam is extremely dense.
Great Pads
I bought these for use with the Flex xce 8-125 18. These are the best pads I've used so far. I paired Sonax EX 04-06 with the orange pad, speed 3-4, and was able to get nearly all of the swirls out and got a good looking finish too. Then I went with the Black pad and applied Chemical Guys Blacklight glaze, speed 3. Finished with Megs ultimate wax, red pad, speed 2-3. The Flex is pretty new to me, and these pads have given me the best results I've ever had detailing my truck. I really like the thickness, and the amount of cut seems to progress appropriately from pad to pad. I have yet to try white, gray or wool.
San Jose Ca.
Lake Country Pad Kit of 6.
Nice pads, work great, hold up pretty good, clean up decent.
ProsGood value at the discounted special.
ConsNot sure I like the Hole in the middle, if you use an alignment tool i suppose it might be cool or helpful. Work good, I'll buy Lake Country again.
Raleigh, NC
Just made for the Flex 3401
Just great pads all around and hold up well on the forced rotation Flex 3401. Even with a lot of downforce and edging they are really durable and clean up pretty easy. They also finish out well so that is also good.
Great Product
I have a black 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, used the Flex XC3401 & Flex 4-3/8 backing pad with Lake Country FR-HWHITE 5.5 pads & Blackfire One Step BF900. Set Flex at 5 made 8 to 12 passes, changing pads after each panel. Then followed up with 2 coats of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Souveran (2nd coat applied 24 hours after first coat). This is the BEST results I have had over the years and I have used many different combinations of compounds, pads and tools. Will use these products and process next on a Red 08 Z06 & 02 Black Vette convertible. Highly recommend all of the above products.