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IGL EcoShine Wax

Cleans, rejuvenates, and protects your paint!

IGL EcoShine Wax is one of the most advanced waxes available on the market today. IGL EcoShine Wax formulates 100% pure carnauba wax into a solid paste wax using nano-scaled silane and siloxane technology. The fillers contained in IGL EcoShine Wax will be able to greatly improve the look of your paint by filling in the fine scratches and swirl marks on the surface. IGL EcoShine Wax then creates a durable hydrophobic layer of protection that will repel water, oil, and dirt, making it extremely easy to clean the surface of your paint!

Some of the first automotive detailing waxes used carnauba as their base ingredient. This organic source of protection is a naturally occurring substances found on palm trees in Brazil. There have been many advancements in the world of automotive detailing, but time and time again, people always gravitate back to the original and natural paint protection ingredient, carnauba. IGL too has reverted to the tried and true, but they have used modern technologies to take this wonderful ingredient to unbelievable heights. IGL EcoShine Wax is sure to be one of the most impressive carnauba waxes you will ever have the opportunity to use!
IGL Ecocoat Wax is easily applied with the included applicator, and buffed away using a soft microfiber towel. The shine and glow provided provides extreme hydrophobicity!

The nano-scaled silane and siloxane technology used to formulate the carnauba in IGL EcoShine Wax provides some revolutionary capabilities that many other car waxes are not able to mimic. These technologies make it possible for IGL EcoShine Wax to clean and rejuvenate your paint, restoring the luster and shine that all well detailed paint should have!

Even the finest polishes are not able to completely rid your painted surface of scratches and swirls as they can actually cause them. IGL EcoShine Wax is formulated using fillers that will work themselves into these minute scratches and swirls. Once these scratches and swirls are filled, the surface of your paint will be completely smooth. Because the gloss level of your paint is directly affected by how smooth that paint is, IGL EcoShine Wax will allow you achieve an astounding level of gloss!

Probably the biggest advantage that IGL EcoShine Wax provides to your paint is the ability to clean your paint with incredible ease. The hard, durable layer of protection that IGL EcoShine Wax forms is also extremely hydrophobic. This hydrophobicity prevents things like water, oil, or dirt from sticking to the surface of your paint. If these substances are unable to stick to your paint, cleaning your paint becomes infinitely easier. The hydrophobic qualities of IGL EcoShine Wax will also help to prevent the occurrence of water spots because water is not able to rest on the paint long enough to evaporate and cause them!

Directions for use:
Prior to use, clean surface with IGL Ecoclean Precoat.
Apply EcoShine Wax by hand or machine to the entire paint surface.
Allow the wax to crosslink with the paintwork for 30 minutes.
Use a dry microfiber towel to remove the wax residue.

240 gm (8.5 oz)

IGL EcoShine Wax

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4 Reviews
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75% Recommend this product (3 of 4 responses)
Taipei ,Taiwan
maybe the best wax in this price range
use it many times, it always leave me a warn wet looks, hydrophobic, gloss, durability is great. it performs well as UK hand made wax to some degree.
Suffern, Ny
I used this wax and had great results makes flake pop and looks like another layer of clear. Has 1/2 sealant look and 1/2 warm wax look. Performs well in the rain
Suffield, CT
Makes The Paint Pop!
IGL ecoshine wax really makes the paint pop and people notice the depth of gloss it provides even on my 14 year old Mustang. It hides minor surface imperfections as advertised and is extremely hydrophobic.
ProsEasy to apply, a little goes a long way, easy to remove. The shine is amazing.
ConsA little on the pricey side. Not as durable as some other products I have tried (but the gloss is amazing).
Virginia Beach, VA
Great Wax
I like using paste waxes and thought I'd give this a try. I also really like Polish Angel Sealant and Rappidwax which I believe also has sio2 in it (but takes some research to find out) and those products work great with the maintenance products I use. My car stays pretty clean and I had recently clayed with Pinnacle clay so I just did a waterless wash then went over it with Optimum paint prep. The wax went on like any carnuba wax (this wax smells like laundry detergent to me) and I left it on for half an hour. Removing it was very easy but I put it on very thin. This was all done outside in the sun eighty-five degrees out. The next day was another hot sunny day and I seriously could not look at the car more then a moment before the glare made me turn my head. The reflections were off the charts. This was a silver metallic paint. The wax seems to darken the paint and also give it a clean look.It is different then the look I get from a carnuba wax like PS21 or Fuzion.It beads water like Sonax bsd and mowing my grass next to it nothing stuck to it. Very happy with it check this stuff out.
ProsIf it really is better for you and the environment nothing wrong with that