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GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter

GYEON WetCoat - 4 Liter

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The spray sealant with hydrophobic properties!

GYEON WetCoat is a unique spray sealant that applies easily and leaves your vehicle with a hydrophobic layer of protection. This revolutionary formula takes only minutes to apply and leaves paint shiny and able to repel dirt and water for up to 12 weeks. GYEON WetCoat is perfect for increasing gloss and longevity on vehicles previously treated with an SiO2 coating, and for those without a coating at all, the self-cleaning effect will reduce the number of routine washes necessary!

If you love water beading, you’ll love GYEON WetCoat! This easy to use formula delivers incredible water beading in a fraction of the time that it would take to apply a coating. If your vehicle is already coated, though, you’ll appreciate the added hydrophobic layer that will increase gloss and prolong the life of the coating.

GYEON WetCoat is unique in that it is safe to use on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. Use it on paintwork, plastic, metal trim, rims, and even glass! A few quick sprays followed by a rinse are all it takes to create a super shiny, hydrophobic surface on your vehicle!

4000 ml. (4 Liter)

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awesome drying aid!
awesome drying aid and wont ever wash my car without it again. makes the drying step easier and leaves a nice gloss afterward. during the wash phase after cleaning the car with your wash mitt but before rinsing spray some Wetcoat on your panels and use your washing mitt to spread the Wetcoat and then rinse with water. its much easier to dry the car and avoid water spots.
ProsMakes the drying step much easier. helps bead water right off if you are using an air blower and gives a nice glide to minimize scratching when using a towel
Aurora, Colorado
Awesome Product
I purchased a small bottle of Gyeon Wetcoat and tried it on a few of my cars. Amazing product and amazing results. I liked it so much I ordered the 4 liter jug. I have gone 100 percent Gyeon for my car detailing products.

Gyeon wetcoat
A fantastic touchless sealant. Can be used on paint, glass, and wheels. You simply spray on and rinse off. Great hydrophobic properties.
Decatur, Texas
One of my Go To Products
Absolutely amazing product for in between washes or just simply regular nano protection. You can really see the finish get deeper after the rinse! I use this on the wheels, body and glass. It also makes drying so much easier. Couple of warnings, make sure the surface is cool and in the shade, it does not like warm surfaces. It also can get blotchy after blasting the surfaces with compressed air or blower,,, one of my only complaints with this product. But the after shin and protection makes up for this. But if this happens to you, this is what I found to work, and make sure you're in a cool sun free area; just dry the surfaces normally and don't worry about the blotching/streaking; get a wet and dry microfiber and just wipe down each panel with the wet towel and then dry with the dry one, and replace the dry towel as needed. the wet microfiber seems to reactive the residue.
ProsProvides a deep finish. Fairly easy to work with.
ConsDoesn't like warm surfaces or dry areas. Streaks and blotches when using compressed air or blower.
Spray on after every wash
So easy to use after every wash
Protects and shines
my go to product
ProsSoooooo Easy