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GYEON LeatherBrush

A gentle approach to cleaning a sensitive surface!

The GYEON LeatherBrush gives you the perfect tool that you need in order to gently and effectively clean your leather surfaces. This exceptional brush is made using soft horse hair bristles that generate enough scrubbing potential to remove tough oil, dirt, and discoloration from your leather without causing permanent damage in the process. The handle of the GYEON LeatherBrush is made with natural wood that has rounded edges. These rounded edges will ensure that there is no accidental ripping or tearing during the scrubbing process!

The GYEON LeatherBrush will not only make cleaning safer for your leather, but also for you! When you are getting down to the long process of cleaning your leather, it can take quite a bit of time and effort. Which, in the end, means quite a lot of hand cramping for you. But with the GYEON LeatherBrush’s special ergonomic design, your hand won’t be forced to grip an uncomfortable handle for the hours that you are going to be scrubbing your leather!

Leather is already a tough surface to care for, so don’t make it any harder than it already is! Let the GYEON LeatherBrush renovate your leather cleaning process!

GYEON LeatherBrush

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GYEON LeatherBrush