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Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer Free Bonus!

For a limited time, receive a 16 ounce bottle of Wolfgang Pad Werks Pad Cleaner & Extender with your purchase of the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer! A $14.99 value.

The first pad washing system that works with DUAL ACTION polishers!

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the first and only pad washer that cleans all types of buffing pads on dual action and random orbital buffers. Clean foam pads, wool pads, buffing bonnets – you name it! The unique design of the Universal Pad Washer accommodates any dual action polisher to clean pads without even removing them from the machine!

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer uses the power of your polisher to agitate pads. You don’t have to scrub and scrape – just let the polisher do the work for you. Insert the pad into the pad washer, turn on your polisher and let the grid insert clean and dry all your buffing pads.

Unlike other pad washing systems, the Universal Pad Washer works with all polishers. The grid insert’s large diameter allows pads of all sizes to make contact, no matter how big the orbit. Even the Cyclo can be used with this pad washer! The opening of the pad washer is adjustable to accommodate any pad size and polisher. Clean pads on your Porter Cable 7424XP, FLEX XC 3401 VRG, and Meguiars G110. The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer accommodates all dual action polishers.

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the only pad washer that works with all types of polishers!

Clean pads with the Splash Guard closed.

The grid insert’s height is adjustable. Simply press your polisher down until the pad is in the water and making contact with the grid. The grid insert is supported by springs so no manual adjustment is needed. Just press down and turn the polisher on at its slowest speed. The downward force pumps water upward to help clean the pad.

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer includes the pad washer complete with Splash Guard, the Extension, a Gamma-Seal Lid, and a 4 oz. spray bottle of Pad Renewing Solution.

The grid extension can be strategically placed on the grid insert to provide more agitation on heavily soiled areas of the pad. Position the grid extension in the middle of the grid to clean the center of the pad. Position the extension off-centered to clean the outer edge of the pad.

The Gamma-Seal Lid allows you to seal the bucket in order to keep dust out, or to store water or pad cleaning fluid for later use. (Some pad cleaning concentrates can be reused several times. This is especially convenient for professional and mobile detailers.) The Gamma-Seal Lid forms a water-tight seal so you can transport the pad washer without spilling its contents.

The Grid Extension provides extra agitation where the pad needs it.

The Grid Extension can be positioned anywhere on the grid insert.

The Pad Renewing Solution works with all types of pads and polishing balls. The biodegradable cleaner removes petroleum and water-based car care products from wool fibers and porous foam. Before using the Dual Action Pad Washer, spray the pad with 4-5 spritzes of Pad Renewing Solution. It will help break up oily residues inside the pad as you operate the pad washer.

Not only does the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer wash pads, it dries them! Simply lift the pad out of the water and raise the speed setting slightly. Allow the pad to spin until the excess water has been removed.


Try this advanced drying technique: Remove the  grid extension from the grid and place it where the Splash Guard lid says “Dry Pad Here”. Operate the polisher while pressing lightly against the Extension in order to dry pads faster.

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer works with rotary polishers, too. Clean pads on your FLEX LK603VVB, Makita 9227C, DeWalt 849, or any other high speed rotary machine. The same instructions apply.


The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is incredible! It prolongs the life of your pads, saves you time when cleaning up, and it works with any polisher. If you are in search of a convenient and efficient way to clean buffing pads – no matter what kind of polisher you have – the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For complete operating instructions, click on the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer Manual . (It may take a moment to load.)

Dry pads by spinning them against the Grid Extension positioned on the outside of the bucket.

Move the grid extension to the area marked on "Dry Pads Here" and work the pad against it to remove excess water.

Pad Cleaning Tips:

  • Keep the pad’s Velcro® brand backing out of the water when using the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer.
  • When using a dual action polisher, make a mark on the backing plate with a permanent marker. This mark will indicate to you when the pad has made a full rotation. If it is not rotating, lighten up your pressure.
  • Fill with the appropriate level of water. Press down on the grid insert until the springs are fully compressed. Fill until the water level reaches just above the Insert. When you press down on the grid insert with the polisher, the springs will pump water upwards to the pad.
  • Always operate the pad washer with the Splash Guard closed.
  • For heavily soiled pads, spin the pad in the pad washer for 10 seconds to thoroughly wet it. Then spray on the Pad Renewing Solution and let it penetrate for 1 minute. Then use the pad washer again to clean the pad.
  • Always use the Dual Action Pad Washer with the polisher on its lowest setting for cleaning. You can use a slightly higher setting for drying.
  • Move the polisher around inside the pad washer to be sure all parts of the pad are cleaned.

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Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer Free Bonus!

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17 Reviews
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59% Recommend this product (10 of 17 responses)
By Benny
New Tripoli, PA
March 3, 2017
Just buy it if you are on the fence
I own a car dealership and move a lot of vehicles through auction. We buff and polish too many cars a week to keep count. Shiny cars sell, plain and simple. After all these years, we've been cleaning pads by hand or when we had no time, just buying new pads. Some how, I never saw this item and decided to buy it. Best decision I ever made. In 30 seconds, you can have a caked pad looking like new and the thing is so dry you can go back to using the pad on a car right away. Well worth the money. I know a lot of people think this is expensive, but if you are a serious detailer, you will see the value in this item. Time is money. You can spend 5 times as much time trying to clean a pad by hand that won't come out as clean or dry. You'll also save money by extending the life of your pads. The inventor of this item deserves every penny for this ingenious invention. Some times you have to give credit where credit is do and pay the piper. Detailers want the most for their work and the inventor of this item deserves the same. Only gripe I had was water would seep out of the top with the larger pads from a rotary. Not an issue with smaller pads like on a dual action polisher. I'll adjust the water level slightly below what was recommended next time. I'd buy another one of these in a heartbeat! I even tried this on old pads that were around the shop that weren't used in a year or two that were caked with polish and compound. In 30 seconds with little effort they looked just like new pads!
ProsSaves time, will save you money, makes pads look like new again
By Jeff
Charlotte, NC
July 6, 2016
Time Saver!
These were on back-order forever. So, I waited. When I saw it was available, I pulled the trigger. Well worth it! I clean pads on the fly easily, and at the end of the day all pads are clean and nearly dry. It is very effective, and works as claimed. I used to hate cleaning polishing pads... now it's a breeze. Great buy... highly recommend this for anyone that uses machine polishing pads often.
By Scott
June 16, 2015
It really does work
As many have stated, it's not cheap. When u get it, it's not hard to see its pretty slick and well engineered. In addition, it's also patterned, and the parts are injection molded, so they are custom. For DA, u want to put a mark on the plate as indicated. The pads really are like brand new when ur done. If u do a lot of work, it will pay u back over time.
By Don
United States
April 11, 2015
Wish I'd purchased sooner!
I have owned a small but busy detailing company for just over 3 years. I kept putting off buying this because in my mind I was buying a really expensive 5 gallon bucket and how good could it possibly be. Well at Detail Fest 2015 I watched the owner doing a demo. I stopped by and watched reluctantly for 2 days as he showed how they work. Well after a nice chat he convinced me to buy one, and gave me his personal card to contact him if I had any problems. That is how much he believes in his product. Now after several weeks I have realized that this tool is a must for pad cleaning. I have it on my rig and use it daily. I have done over 16 jobs with a Megs 6 inch polish pad. Prior to this pad washer I would get maybe 5-6 jobs and removing the pads over and over distorted them and tore away the backing velcro. What a mess. So if you are a detailer or avid polisher BUY THIS NOW. The only thing I think could possibly make this any better is a 3 gallon bucket size option for easier portability when filled with cleaning H2O. However, I think its one of the the best purchases I have made for the business. I will never go without one again!
ProsWill save tons of $ on pads!
By solman
September 6, 2014
Works very well
This pad washer does the job. Pads come out clean and ready to use. I lay the pad out in the sun while I use a second pad to continue. By the time I am ready to clean my second pad the first one is ready to go again.I did this for two jobs and it worked out well for me. When I am done polishing I use it to clean my pads and put them away. I took off one star because I think it's a little pricey for what it is.
ProsWorks well
Cons a little pricey
By Joe
Pembroke Pines, Florida
July 17, 2014
Pad washer
This washer really works well and it's extremely fast. Set it up before you start buffing or waxing and use it when your done with each pad. It's fast and your pads are clean and damp not wet when you are done. Water splashs out a bit when the buffer is on a high speed so be careful with the speed. Bottom line is IT WORKS FAST. Price seems high but you will never have to throw way old dirty pads again. I cleaned a pad that had wax or compound on it for a long timeeb
ProsIt does exactly what they say it will do. The pads are clean and almost dry when you are done cleaning. It takes less than one minute to clean and dry each pad. All the parts fit together well and it seems like it will last a very long time are far as quality parts go.
Consprice seems a bit high, but it works fast. If you consider the alternative ways to clean your pads it is well worth the money.
By ToledoLimo
June 29, 2014
Rather Not Use With Flex 3401
I cannot believe anyone would recommend this product for Flex 3401. Takes more time & is messy compared to washing by hands.
ProsMight work better with other machines.
ConsEasier to wash by hand versus this gadget. Waste of money.
By Mr. Wipe-EM-Down
June 28, 2014
Great product
PADS are cleaned quick, easy and back to polishing!!!
ProsCleans Dries Not a lot of mess
ConsThe wing nut.... When its a larger pad involved...
By Javier
San Ramon, CA
May 17, 2014
Cleans Pads Fast!
First off, this thing is super expensive! It's definitely over-priced. That said, it works great! I was amazed how clean and dry my pads got after using it. I used it to clean my Meguiar's microfiber pads, foam pads, and Chemical Guys microfiber pads while working. If you have extra money to spend or a "luxury" item I'd really recommend buying it. It will make your life easier.
By Andreas Sutandio
May 14, 2014
OrlandoDetail Indonesia merekomendasikan produk ini
harga ember ini sangat mahal, maklum barang import yang harus ditebus dengan onkos dan pajak yang mahal, namun efektifitas alat ini patut di acungi jempol, karena efektifitasnya yang luar biasa dibandingkan dengan melakukan pembersihan secara manual. saya merekomendasikan setiap workshop dan detailer indonesia memiliki alat ini sebagai pelengkap guna menunjang aktivitas detailing
Pros- terbuat dari plastik kualitas baik - tidak merusak pad jika dipergunakan secara benar - dapat membersihkan pad berbagai jenis mesin poles - hemat waktu
Cons- harga sangat mahal dikarenakan ongkos kirim dan pajak
By Tom
April 23, 2014
Looks cheesy-works great
does a surprisingly good job cleaning the pads and makes it easier and quicker. what more can you ask?
By Anthony
November 11, 2011
A great way to preserve your pads!
This is an awesome way to preserve your pads and make more money. For many detailers there is a time pressure when they are working. Time is money. You will make more money when you can find those tricks to gain efficiency in your process. The Pad Washer is one of those efficiencies you need to find. How much time do you spend cleaning your pads when you are on the job? You have to stop, pull the pad off, go outside with the hose, spray down the pad, shoot it with water for awhile, shake it dry, go back in and put it on the machine, spin it for awhile, and then hope it is dry. That is a long process which takes TIME! With the pad washer you just stop working, run the pad on the machine in the pad washer for about a minute, then run it over the raised 'juicer' to get the water out for a few seconds, and then you are back to work. You could save yourself ten or fifteen minutes per detail just in cleaning your pads! Not to mention how much longer they last. I've personally been using some of the same pads for FIVE YEARS. I don't know if that is a tribute to the construction of the pad or the convenience of being able to keep them clean with the pad washer, but the fact remains that my pads are lasting longer than ever now that I can keep them clean. Definitely a good investment if you are looking for a way to care for your tools and save time!
By Ed (FastZR1)
May 17, 2011
Great for on the go
I bought this over a year ago to clean my DA pads as I went along. I didn't want to buy a bunch of the same color pads so I bought this to clean as I go which doesn't slow me down. I can clean a pad and dry it in minutes and I'm back to work. I'm a hobbiest and this helps me get my work done faster as I'm busy enough.
By zippzapp
May 13, 2011
Very easy and fast for both dual action and circular ; any size pad small to large . Cleaning pads takes less then two min from dirty to dry . Cost at first was to much but after using it a few times made me forget, if yah have lots of pads and time. And like gettng wax and polish every where this isn't for you.
By victor
March 29, 2011
what took so long
this product is a great investment for any detailer or someone who has a garage kept classic. it allows you to clean your polishing pad without having to kill yourself or having to buy a new pad every time you wax your vehicle.
By OGauge4Me
July 1, 2009
An Essential Tool
I picked up the pad washer on special a while back and was concerned about the cost. From the first time I used it I knew that this tool was essential. Pads come clean and dry within a minute. No longer any sink mess and the possibility of premature pad failure due to the glue on the Velcro coming unglued. If you are hesitant about the purchase do not be this is a real time and pad saver. A big two thumbs up.
By Tyler S.
December 31, 2008
Compound Killer!
Makes cleaning the pads a breeze, I found an old pad in my garage that had compound in it for months, pad washer took it right out!