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Griots Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher

Polish small areas with the greatest ease!

Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher has been upgraded to be more powerful! It provides polishing performance closer to that of the 6 inch orbital buffer. Remove swirls and apply waxes to motorcycles and tight areas on your vehicle with precision and now more power with the Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher.

If you're used to detailing with a polisher, there's no reason you should have to switch to hand detailing for those tight spots. Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher gives you the feel and performance of a larger polisher in a compact size that goes anywhere. Use the Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher to polish and wax bumpers, mirror housings, windshield wiper cowling, A, B & C-pillars, spoilers, the valence area around your license plate... plus all of the tight areas that the 6 Inch Orbital Polisher just can't reach.

For motorcycles, Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher can't be beat. It polishes painted areas easily, polishes up chrome, and applies wax quickly. Just select the appropriate 3 inch Griot's Garage foam pad for the job. The included 3 inch backing plate accommodates any hook and loop pad.

The powerful 240W motor runs on a variable speed control with a range of 3,500 to 10,000 orbits per minute with six speed settings. A steel bevel gear drive gives a smooth-running power band and durability.

Griot's Garage 3 Inch Random Orbital Polisher

Polish mirrors, bumpers, and other areas where a larger buffer can't go!

Griot's Garage 3 Inch Polisher makes it easy to polish motorcycles!

Polish motorcycles with the Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher.

Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher is perfect for polishing paint, metal, plastic, and glass, as well as applying waxes or sealants. The long, 10-foot, power cord allows greater mobility around your projects.

The Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher is lightweight and easy to handle. It has an ergonomic head with a handgrip and an indention for your fingertips. You can operate the machine with one hand. Plus, with no handle sticking out, the 3 inch polisher is better able to fit in narrow spaces.

Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher operates with the same safe, swirl-free random orbital action as Griot's larger 6 Inch Orbital Polisher. The random orbit, also called dual action, produces less heat and therefore will not burn or mar paint. Random orbital motion is more like hand polishing, but much faster and easier on your hands!

Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher is a perfect companion to our 6" Orbital so you can achieve paint polishing perfection in any area. Enjoy paint perfection!

  • Powerful 240W motor
  • Variable 6-speed control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft-start, constant speed
  • 3,500 - 10,000 orbits/minute
  • Long 10 ft. power cord

Click here to read Mike Phillips' review of
Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher.

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Griot's Garage 3 Inch Random Orbital Polisher HD!

Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher

The HD model has a heavy duty 25 foot power cord hardwired into the polisher. The longer cord is more convenient than an extension cord and it is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation.

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Griots Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher

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23 Reviews
48% (11)
17% (4)
9% (2)
13% (3)
13% (3)
43% Recommend this product (10 of 23 responses)
By A & C Auto Detail
Fort Collins, CO
September 5, 2016
Works well for multiple applications
Works wells for polishing small areas like around the grill and pillars. Works extremely well as a sander! I use it for headlight restoration and it's awesome
By Tomas
Sky Islands AZ
July 31, 2016
Good machine
I just tried this polisher out today and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I bought the 3" to get around all the obstacles on my bus and maybe get some practice with an orbital. All I can say is this is a pretty sweet little machine. I also bought the G-15 but I'm going to practice a little more with this one until I get my chops down. The only other thing I can say is that Auto Geek really helped me out with buying the right products for the job and hooked me up with some incredible pricing. I'll definitely be back.
ProsSmall Lightweight Cute
ConsMade in China (If it wasn't it would be $400 bucks)
By MikeD@F150
Houston, TX
June 28, 2016
Worth it!
I was on the fence for a while whether to purchase this for the tight spots but finally decided to pull the trigger, pun intended. Boy am I glad I did! After using this in the polishing and wax spreading step, it certainly made easy work of it. Pillars, fender flares, small sections of kicker panels made this machine shine. Please note with this machine, there is speed 6 and there is speed 6 - I seriously doubt that I will ever use this DA on anything other than that setting.
ProsVery easy to handle, lightweight
ConsNot much of a con but getting the pad to spin appropriately on anything other than speed 6 was non existent.
By Henly
April 21, 2016
for the price paid it will do most jobs.a little under powered
ProsGood ergonomics.
ConsGets hot very quickly
By Barry Prince
England. UK
February 16, 2015
griots Garage 3 inch orbital polisher
Superb polisher. Waited years to find a mini polisher other than one that runs off air. Has the advantage of 6 speeds and the choice of 2 cable lengths.This polisher should prove a great piece of equipment to our motorcycle refinishing business.
By Gleason
Rio Rancho NM
January 15, 2015
not impressed
My initial feelings are, it's bulky and more vibration and noise than my old porter cable. Making it difficult if not impossible to get to tight spots.
By Hate Swirls
November 27, 2014
Great size!
I just got one from a fellow business owner,I was working on a Jeep , I found it difficult to get into tight spots using my large pads, he handed it to me, at first It looked like a cheap little polisher. As I began using it I noticed how easy it was to operate even working on the tall hood. It's not very powerful but it gets the job done , slower yes but in the end the results were really good. Just take your time with it and except it for what it is, a very small polisher.
ProsSmall, light, keeps you from having to hand polish in tight spots.
By Amirul
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Muara
October 19, 2014
Good for polishing and waxing
Its good for having a 3" in a small area for polishing or waxing. NOT recommed for compound and this mechine will not remove swirls, scratches.
By jeffreyjjefe
June 25, 2014
Pleased with Purchase
When it comes down to reviewing a purchase, for me, the most important thing is...was it worth it, and would you make the purchase again. Other than that, its really just a matter of why you bought it in the first place. Since I already own a Cyclo Polisher, I was searching for a low priced, small D/A to compliment. As it happens, all the 4" pads for that machine work well & interchange w/ the Griots 3" D/A. Because of this, it's an ideal companion to the Cyclo. Some reviews mentioned that the unit gets too hot or is hard to control at high speeds. All I can say to that is when I went to break this D/A orbital in I clayed, polished, waxed, sealed & buffed my car for over 3 hours. The only time I turned off the unit was to either apply more product to the pad, or to whip off after each section. The only way this thing is getting too hot is if you do the whole car without ever turning it off. Regarding the control, its easy enough for me, but the unit is not very ergonomic, so I can see someone w/ small hands possibly having issues. -With all that being said, there simply isn't many options in the 3" variety so I didn't have anything to compare it to. To sum up: Happy with purchase, fits what I was looking for, and was a fair price.
ProsSmall size, fair price, and build well enough.
ConsOnly faults are the ugly burnt orange color, and the fact that the handle is like holding a vibrating brick (literally). No 3 prong grounding power cord. The power cord I went w/ was the extended 25' one (which is a must), but its only a two prong cord that doesn't fit well w/ my extension cord...causing it to disconnect which is annoying. Not sure if the extension card is a factor but I dont have this issue with anything else I plug into it.
United States
May 21, 2014
Not quite there
Like others have stated, I purchased this to supplement my 6" DA and use it in smaller spaces. While I am thoroughly please with it's performance, it tended to get hot, QUICK, and never really cool down. I did a Honda Pilot this weekend and there is a body crease that runs the length of the vehicle leaving about a 4" surface between it and the top of the door. I did a one step of M205 with an orange pad and I would use this unit above the crease and then put it down and use my 6 on the rest of the door. When I would go to pick it up again to do the next panel, it would still be hot. I mean we are talking 1 minute of work and 10 minutes of rest and it would STILL be hot. This leaves me with little faith that it will last very long. I will ride this train as long as I can!
ProsLightweight surprisingly strong for its size
ConsGet very hot and stays that way
Newport Beach, CA
March 30, 2014
Good for it's purpose
This is a great little DA for its purpose of getting into the small areas a regular DA can't. It is powerful enough to remove scratches and polish to an excellent shine. This is a handy little DA to remove small scratches and you can save the hassle of getting your PC 7424XP or Flex 3401 to get a scratch out quickly. It is also great for waxing your vehicle. The 3" pad is small enough to get the wax from the jar. Overall, a decent little machine that can handle the small scratches and difficult to reach places a regular DA can't.
ProsCan fix small scratches. Great for waxing with a DA as the 3" pad is small enough to grab wax from a jar. If you need another DA in your arsenal than this would be a great addition.
ConsIf you already have a PC 7424 XP and do not want an addition to your DA arsenal, then just get a 3" backing plate (or 2 7/8") backing plate with an extension for the backing plate and it can do a superior job of polishing than the Griot's 3". You can save the $$ by doing that.
By Eric Kennett
June 27, 2013
Works, but underwhelmingly
I bought this on sale to supplement my full size PC. I used it for the first time yesterday on the pillars and roof channels on my Kia Optima. I used LC Hydrotech 3" pads and XMT #1 followed by XMT 360. I found that the polished stopped spinning if you applied any pressure whatsoever on the pad. I know it has less power than a full size buffer but it's also much smaller and lighter. I checked around to see if maybe I was doing something wrong and tried varying the angles I held the polisher at as well as hand position. Nothin! It did the job for the small sections I used it for but I look at this polisher more as a toy than an actual tool. I'll use it again on future jobs but I wouldn't recommend this as your only polisher.
By EricHaley
June 16, 2013
A Must-Have Tool In Your Arsenal!
This polisher is an absolute must-have! While the first generation was underpowered, the second generation has all the power you'll need in such a small polisher. Others may feel that even the second generation doesn't have enough power. To that I question their technique. Used properly, this polisher will take out even the most stubborn scratches and swirl, or in my case, orange peel! It even makes for a powerful and highly-capable damp sander! It's also durable! I accidentally dropped this polisher from a height of about five feet and it still works flawlessly, whereas a similar fall on another popular DA caused damage to the speed control. If you already have a larger DA, then you need this smaller one to get into all the areas it can't.
By AntC
March 27, 2013
Great for small places
thie buffer was great for the a pillars on my truck and areas like under the mirrors, and the chrome bumpers, loots of power
By Rick
June 21, 2012
polishing alum.
This product does a great job,Ican polish all my alum.on My large car in the time it used to take to do one fuel tank thanx Graiot
By SailCat
June 13, 2012
Cheap tool, crappy results...
I have the first generation. I used it professionally mainly for head light refinishing. It was just slightly better than doing it by hand. Other revues are correct. It is cheaply made and lacks power. A/G is a great company but should take a long look at removing this POS from their inventory. Mine is now decaying in some land fill after dying in the middle of a 4 car job at one of my dealers. I finished the last two cars by hand. This tool is for occasional use ONLY, if that. You have been warned.
By Doug
May 10, 2012
Weak machine
Bought this polisher to polish small surfaces such as my motorcycle,the thing has no power whatsoever,if any pressure at all is aplied it stops the rotation of the buffer making it useless. I would not reccomend this polisher to anyone!!
By jeff duncan
April 10, 2012
3" polisher
got about 8 hrs use out of this then it started smoking and died. liked the size but didn't last long enough for a 100.00 bucks.
By Vincent Spina
March 15, 2012
Over Rated Polisher
I would like to begin by saying that I have bought many products from autgeek and all were top notch products that were of excellent quality. After reading Mike Phillip’s gracious review of the Griot’s Professional Random Orbital 3 inch Polisher I was anxious to try it out myself. After first using it I had to check to see if I was sent the first generation polisher by mistake because it had no torque what so ever. If this is an improvement from the first generation then the first generation must have been power by cockroaches on a mini hamster wheel and the second generation it power by a windup rubber band. It couldn’t even give my orbital toothbrush a run for its money. Thanks to Mike Phillips for showing me how to evaluate orbital polisher by marking the pad with a line to see the movement of the pad. Using his own technique I can say that if you hold the polisher upright and free it will spin with velocity, but when any pressure is put on it I can say that the second hand on my watch moves faster than this orbital. This product did not hit “the sweet spot “ and totally missed the mark.
By Matt
November 20, 2011
Great Product
Considering the size of the buffer it has quite a bit of power. It is convenient to have a dedicated small buffer for paint correction.
By Corey
November 17, 2011
Extremely week
Near worthless to me as a polisher. I plan to use it for sanding and see how that works.
October 13, 2011
Great Polisher
If you are obtuse and still prefer to wax by hand...don't waste your time any longer. Small enough to polish/wax the smaller areas, yet still effective on the hood and roof. Newer model is quieter and lighter. Keep the pad clean and this polisher will not damage your paint.
By John
November 26, 2009
It's a perfect orbital to polish small area. very easy to use.