How to Get Maximum Protection with Less Work?

How to Get Maximum Protection with Less Work?

Detailing your car is a lot of work! With all the different steps and surfaces that you have to clean and care for, it can be an exhausting process. There are times for any detailers where the work outweighs the passion! Sometimes you don't have enough time. Sometimes you are already exhausted from all your other responsibilities. And sometimes you just want to have a more relaxing day! But just because you need a break, doesn't mean that your car can handle it if you stop completely! You need to make sure your car is protected! So, you must be wondering...

If I want maximum protection with the least amount of work, what would I use?

This is not a "lazy" question to ask at all! In fact, some would say that it is trying to use your time in the most effective way possible! Luckily, Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is the perfect product to answer your question! There's minimal prep work. All you have to do is apply the Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep, then apply the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating onto an applicator and wipe away. It's simple, it's convenient, and your car will be glowing like never before! And Justin Labato and Bruno Massel are here to explain the ins and outs of this incredible product to you!

The best way to protect your car is by using a ceramic coating. However, ceramic coatings take a long time to both prep the car and then apply the product. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is a ceramic coating that is much easier to apply than traditional coatings, without requiring as much time to prep for or apply!

There are 3 categories of ceramic protection:

  • Professional-grade ceramic coatings that require a lot of experience and skill to apply.
  • Consumer-grade coatings which have an easier, but very similar application.
  • Finally, there's spray coatings. These coating are a slight step down in protection and lifetime from consumer-grade coatings but offer a huge improvement in both required prep and ease of application!

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating falls into the last of these 3 categories! It is perfect for those who do not want to spend multiple days doing the paint correction and surface prep process! All you'll need to do to prep the surface is simply wash your car and use Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to remove any residue! Anybody can handle such a simple prep process!

Applying Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is also extremely simple! Just spray it onto a coating applicator, wipe it back and forth in a 3' x 3' section, give it a bit of time to "flash", and wipe it off with a microfiber towel! The entire process will only take you about an hour and will give you up to a year's worth of protection! You can even layer Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating if you want for added protection! And since the application is so simple, its not a huge commitment if you wanted to reapply it every few months to ensure that you always have peak protection!

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is going to provide you with a much higher level of gloss and hydrophobicity compared to other products that are this easy and quick to apply! You will never use a product with a better "Effort to Return" ratio!