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Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus

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Revive the color and shine with the Ultimate Spray Wax!

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus gives your vehicle incredible gloss, vivid color, and enhanced protection – all in one fast and easy spray formula. Your vehicle will instantly appear slicker, glossier, and cleaner! Use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus after washing or any time to protect and shine paint, glass, and metals.

Polycharger makes it better! Four Star’s Polycharger Wax Booster enhances the gloss, slickness, and protection of Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus. It’s already added to the formula. Enjoy better results with Polycharger!

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus is an advanced combination of polymers and carnauba wax that brings out the vehicle’s color and gloss while offering excellent protection against the elements. In just minutes, your entire vehicle will look freshly washed and waxed! Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus removes fingerprints and smudges as it lays down a coat of incredible shine.

The finish is so slick after using Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus; contaminants have a tough time sticking! Your vehicle will appear cleaner longer, and the paint will be protected from bugs, road grime, and water spots.

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus dries ultra clear. Use it on paint, glass, chrome, and polished aluminum. The wax is clear coat safe and non-staining. The formula contains no abrasive powders or harsh cleaners to stain trim or moldings.

Detailer’s Tip: Use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus on chrome, polished aluminum, or clear coated wheels. The polymer-carnauba formula will help keep them cleaner longer between washes.

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus is a true wax with no real cleaning properties. Use Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray to remove light imperfections. Then you can use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus by itself or as a topper for Ultimate Paint Protection.

To apply Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus, simply spray a light mist on a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area. Spread the wax with a folded Microfiber Detailing Cloth. Flip the towel and buff the paint to a high gloss.

Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus is the ultimate combination of gloss, protection, and convenience. Maintain your Four Star shine with Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus.

18 fl. oz.

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The BEST from PFC
This is the best spray wax/detailer that is available for Premium Finish Care. Whether it be in house or out of house brand. Its that simple.

The finish is left silky smooth and it wipes off effortlessly. It also wipes in with a lot of lubrication. No grabby towels with this product. Smell is great as well but only slight. I like the fact that this spray wax can offer some cleaning potential as well, so its great to use after a wash if any spots were slightly missed. I prefer it after rinseless washing.

I'm shocked and amazed that it took me this long to find out how amazing the Four Star Ultimate product line is. This along with there sealant, paint cleaner and leather cleaner gel are all top notch.

Save yourself some money and go 4 star !
This is a "Hidden Gem"
That is what Forum Moderator KillWheels sez and what I've observed. This is right up there with Optimum Car Wax. Easy on & off. Leaves a glossy slick finish, Try it!
The Best Spray Wax
This is the best spray wax in my arsenal, i have 2 spray waxes in my arsenal, i won't name that one because it's good too. I think the other one will just be used for wheels and windows.
stuff rocks...
nothing beats 4 star for slickness....