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Duragloss Nu-Glass (NG) #755

A safe & effective glass polish for all automotive glass.

Duragloss Nu-Glass Is a blend of cleaners and selected abrasives formulated to remove water spots from glass surfaces without scratching. Duragloss NG can be applied by hand or mechanical buffer.

Many drivers are afraid to polish their vehicle’s windshields for fear of scratching it. Duragloss Nu-Glass is a safe way to polish glass without scratching, distorting or damaging the glass. This gentle cleaner removes what is on the glass without harming the glass itself.

Before your reach for steel wool or some harsh solvent, try Duragloss Nu-Glass. It safely removes water spots, tree sap, bugs and stubborn road film using a combination of cleaners and abrasives. The abrasives smooth the outermost glass by polishing away rough water spots and dislodging stubborn bugs and sap. The cleaners remove films and dirt that cloud your visibility. Even if you’ve never polished glass before, you’ll see a huge improvement in smoothness and clarity after using Duragloss Nu-Glass.

Duragloss Nu-Glass contains lubricants to protect the glass from abrasion. Apply it by hand or with a buffer to easily remove imperfections and improve the clarity of automotive glass.

If you don’t have a buffer, a great alternative is the Spot Buffs Kit, which includes 4 inch pads and a backing plate for use on an electric drill (not included). Use the white polishing pad on glass. It enhances the smoothing ability of the polish but it will not scratch the glass.

If applying by hand, use a polyfoam applicator. Once you’ve polished your vehicle’s glass, use Duragloss Rain Repel #751 to seal and protect the glass.

Remove water spots, tree sap, bugs and road film without scratching; Duragloss Nu-Glass is a safe, practical glass polish that really works.

8 oz.

Duragloss Nu-Glass (NG) #755

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By Barb
Smithville, Ohio
September 15, 2017
Takes off Acid Rain Spots!
Just got our bottle of Duragloss Nu-Glass and tried it on a car we just purchased that had acid rain spots all over the exterior glass. It did take 2-3 treatments and a lot of rubbing, but it came off! So happy with this product! Thank you!
ProsPrompt shipping. Product worked as advertised.
By Greg Montgomery
United States
September 26, 2014
The Last Product I Tried
I had severe water spots etched into all the windows on my Silverado Crew Cab that NOTHING would take off. Tried steel wool, CLR, a razor blade, gasoline, WD40, white vinegar, car wax, boat hull cleaning compound. Nothing would work until I tried Duragloss. I tested a small area by rubbing by hand and WALA, it was working. So, I took a 4" buffing disc on my power drill and buffed all windows. I had to go over them twice and then some areas in the corners by hand and now my windows look great! It was the only thing that would work. You gotta use a lot of it and buff like crazy but it will clean your windows up!
ProsWorks great for me.
ConsNot too bad but you have to buff heavily.
By Christopher
North Carolina
August 26, 2014
Great Results
Ive used meguiars m205 to polish glass and it hasn't been removing the water spots. Next tried meguiars M105 and it removed 80% of them but took a good bit to polish them out. Both attempts were with a Porter Cable 7424 on a speed of about 4. Decided to try this so my first attempt I applied a dab on a towel rubbed it by hand then wiped it off and 100% of them were gone.
By Trobb
July 30, 2014
Amazing Cleaner
Had water spots on my car glass. I tried everything to get these spots off but nothing work. After using Nu Glass the spots were cleaned away. Excellent product. Worth giving it a try.
ProsGoes on and comes off easily
By Dave
May 23, 2014
Worked great
My 1999 f150 glass was filled with water spots. I tried everything before using this. Used it with my Flex and a LC Hybrid White pad. Misted some Nxt glass cleaner on the pad too. Couple of passes and good as new!
By sammy
danville va.
March 17, 2014
dura gloss 755 window cleaner
Used it 3years ago still using it the best in the world in my book makes the glass disapear easy to use ready to order some more. makes all the rest window cleaner obsolute.
By Anah Wagner
Palmyra, VA
March 6, 2014
Best Waterspot Remover- Use it right
I have a high end domestic cleaning business, and Oh, those glass shower doors! Right now I am working on some shower glass that is literally green with water spots and minerals. And it is polishing up like new glass. I have tried other water spot removers. One scratched, even though the label said it didn't. A few even removed some of the water spots, but this glass cleaner beats them all. The secret to getting it to polish ALL of your etched water spot off- USE IT LIBERALLY! Make sure your rag is leaving behind wet cleaner on the glass, not just a haze. Don't just use a little dab like toothpaste. Make sure your rag has a glob the size of a quarter and that you only work on a small area. In other words, your rag or applicator has to be wet - this will not work on those really bad spots if you are only putting a haze on. The secret is using enough and rubbing HARD on those tough spots. The haze and wipe method is enough for light water spots but not those that have accumulated for 5 yr on a shower.
ProsIf I could rate this a 10, I would!
By Cam
October 28, 2012
Great product
Tried this product out for the first time using a porter cable with an orange cutting pad on speed 5. Sprayed a squirt of water on each panel before I buffed which allowed me to work the product longer. All the water spots were gone just after a couple passes and the glass looked brand new! Smells kind of like toothpaste. Have yet to try it on really bad windows, but a thumbs up from me.
By Kimo
October 17, 2012
Didn't like
I posted a negative review, but it didn't come up for others to see.
By Kimo
October 17, 2012
Didn't like
Used Nu-Llass 755 and it looked like the before icon on the container. I used a buffer over and over, reapplyied and removed again and buffed to not avail. It was actually worse than than before I tried to remove the accumulated water spots. Used vinegar...no avail, tooth paste....no avail, and finally chrome polish.....which helped but still not perfect for the amount of time and effort I put into this endeavor. Will NOT use this product again.
By Mike
August 24, 2012
Best tool to clean/detail car's windows My car spends most of it's day at the steel mill parking lot. Car wash couldn't help, so I decided to try this product. Amazing!!!!!! It did work. My (car's) windows are new again
By Upper Class Detailing
January 19, 2012
Great product
Found it to work better than AutoGlym Glass Polish. Easy to wipe off and gives great results.
By Dennis
November 1, 2011
New winshield
Tried a lot of different products and used a lot of muscle which didn't work! Until I tried Nu Glass, the stuff works, easy to apply and easy to remove. No more tired muscles! Hoooya!
By Casey Belcastro
September 17, 2011
nu glass
This is an excellent product. I wash my dads logging truck every weekend, and this is the best, easiest way to get water spots and pitch off his windshield and mirrors. It blows that nuthins better polish out of the water. It really works.
By Scott
November 1, 2010
Works Ok
Works good to polish glass, leaves it real smooth and slick. I used it to try and get rid of some bad etched water spots on my windows. I used a DA polisher with a shurbuf 5.5 pad. I had to do 3-4 coats on each window and while they look much better I can still see some of the water spots in the direct sunlight. I might try a different pad.
By Jesse
July 11, 2007
This product worked out great on my bad etches water spot windows . I love this product.
By Jesse
July 11, 2007
This work out great on my bad ecthing glass. I never seen my glass look any shine then ever before. I love this product.