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Duragloss Marine & RV Surface Renewer Polishing Compound #561

Duragloss Marine & RV Surface Renewer Polishing Compound #561Polish away oxidation and scratches on gel coat!

Duragloss Surface Renewer #561 is formulated to remove oxidation and scratches from gel coat and fiberglass surfaces. The blend of abrasives allows deep cleaning and prepares the surface without scratching or damaging. For neglected boats and RVs, Duragloss Surface Renewer #561 is the first step in restoring a deep, lustrous shine.

On the surface, gel coat and clear coat automotive paint seem to be quite similar. But gel coat is chemically very different and has a harder consistency than clear coat. For that reason, anything worse than mild oxidation requires a true gel coat compound. Duragloss Surface Renewer #561 is formulated specifically for gel coat so you know it can tackle the heavy oxidation on your boat or RV.

Duragloss Surface Renewer #561 removes oxidation and scratches to improve the color and shine of weathered gel coat finishes. Most finishes in this condition will require a second step to completely restore the surface. After compounding, use Duragloss Marine RV Polish #501 to refine the paint further.

Duragloss Surface Renewer #561 can be applied by hand or with a polisher. On heavy oxidation, you will get the best results with a rotary polisher and a wool compounding pad. On large boats and RVs, a polisher is the fastest way to detail.

After you've restored the shine to your boat or RV, apply Duragloss Marine & RV Protectant #531 to maintain the finish.

For heavy oxidation and scratches in gel coat and fiberglass, use Duragloss Surface Renewer #561.

16 oz.