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DP Ceramic Wash

DP Ceramic Wash

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Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it Wash as often as you want for a quick SiO2 boost!

DP Ceramic Wash is the wash you are looking for if you want a highly hydrophobic maintenance wash. After removing contaminants, DP Ceramic Wash provides a boost to your ceramic coating each time it is used. Plus, the formula used for DP Ceramic Wash will make every wash easier than the one before it.

When you spend the time, effort and even money, to wash your vehicle you want to do it the right way. You don't want to waste the energy to do a weak wash with little protection and benefit. Not only that, but a doing a routine maintenance was keeps you from having to do longer, more intense washes when you realize your vehicle is in despair. But with DP Ceramic Wash, you get the best of both worlds… a highly powerful wash, but also a maintenance wash.

What to expect:
• MAINTENANCE WASH! While still leaving behind a layer of SiO2 protection.
• SHINE! A glossy, slick shine thanks to its hydrophobic properties.
• CLEANS! Removes dirt, dust, road grime and other contaminants.

First and foremost, DP Ceramic Wash removes dust, dirt, road grime and other surface contaminants from your vehicle. Wash your car either once or routinely, with DP Ceramic Wash so that you can leave behind a layer of SiO2 protection. This SiO2 quality will provide incredible water beading, also known as hydrophobicity, to keep water from collecting on the surface and thus preventing water spots from forming. This hydrophobic property will also add a slick, sleek, glossy shine.

Each time you use DP Ceramic Wash your vehicle will have a little bit more of an SiO2 boost each time you use it, so will help to extend your coatings overall protection. However, it will also make each wash even easier. DP Ceramic Wash can be used as often as you like, so luckily it is easy-to-use, but still don't use it in direct sunlight. Mix 2 ounces of DP Ceramic Wash with three to five gallons of water and activate the product with a jet of water. Then get to work washing your car, top to bottom, rinsing frequently. It's important to not let DP Ceramic Wash dry on the surface.

-Do not wash vehicle in direct sunlight.
-Mix approximately 2 oz. of DP Ceramic Wash with 3-5 gallons of water.
-Activate suds with a strong jet of water.
-Wash entirety of vehicle, starting at the top and working your way down.
-Rinse frequently during the wash – do not allow DP Ceramic Wash to dry on the surface.

12 oz.

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Works well enough
This wash does a good job of removing contaminants from the paint, the suds leave a lot to be desired but that seems to be a common issue with ceramic washes. Either way, the soap seems to provide ample lubrication as I haven't noticed any new scratching after using it.

Doesn't dry super quickly if you're working in direct sun, and it does a decent enough job in a foam gun as a pretreat. I can't really comment on the protection it leaves as the car has a ceramic coating, but I can't say that it's made it any worse.

My only hangup with this product is the price. For this price I feel like the bottle should be 2-3 times larger (as some others are.) After shipping, using this comes out to about ~$5/wash (only get 6 washes out of a bottle if you use the recommended dilution.)
ProsCleans well Doesn't dry too quickly in sun
Cabery IL
Great wash
Extremely easy to use has great results. It made the paint of a daily driver have a great look afterwords. Beaded up instantly. The ceramic spray also went good with it. For the results you get you won't be disappointed.
Pros Easy to use Will last long Beads immediately No harsh smell