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DP Car Shampoo

DP Car Shampoo

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Soapy, sudsy, shampoo!

Nothing makes a car wash better than a sudsy, safe, car shampoo. DP Car Shampoo will shower your car with the rich goodness you’d appreciate in your own shower. DP Car Shampoo provides thick suds to clean the most contaminated of surfaces. The suds produced from DP Car Shampoo will attack contaminants on all your surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic and wheels. With a pH-balanced formula, DP Car Shampoo is safe to use on existing coatings and waxes.

Unlike the phrase, ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’, the phrase ‘there are many ways you can wash a car’, makes a lot more sense. You can wash your car with everything from a waterless wash to using foam guns. However, the classic way is the inherent way that requires no detailing experience. All you need are the right products and tools.

What you can expect:
• SUDS! High lubricity makes washing a breeze, with a smooth glide across the surface.
• SAFE! Use it on existing waxes and coatings, and on most surfaces!
• CLEANS! Dirt, grime, dust and other environmental factors are washed away.

DP Car Shampoo produces thick suds worthy of envy from any shampoo (cars and hair alike). These high, sudsy mountains provide extreme lubricity, allowing for contaminants to be swept away. High lubricity is important because the better your microfiber wash mitt can glide across the car, the less chance you have of scratching. Even better, this penetrating foam can attack your contaminants on all types of surfaces of your car. That means contaminants are no match against DP Car Shampoo when they are lingering on your vehicles paint, glass, plastic and wheels.
DP Car Shampoo provides huge amounts of suds that provide more than enough lubrication for your wash mitt - avoiding instilling washing-induced swirls!

One of the fears with car washing is that once you wash your car, you are washing away all of your previous detailing procedures. For example, if you wash your car you are washing away your latest wax job that took you hours to finish. With DP Car Shampoo, this is untrue. With DP Car Shampoo, feel free to wash your car as often as you want without fear that your previously applied waxes and coatings will be washed away with it. In fact, instead of removing them, the polymers in DP Car Shampoo actually enhances them! This is all thanks to a pH-balanced formula! A pH-balanced formula means it does not contain unhealthy amounts of acid or alkaline. This makes it safe for not only your car, but also for you and the environment.

DP Car Shampoo is also very easy to use and a little goes a long way! All you need to wash your car is one ounce of product for every 5-gallons of water. For 16-ounce bottle, that’s a lot of car washes! As for being easy to use, all you have to do is mix one ounce of DP Car Shampoo with a 5-gallon bucket of water and work onto your car with a microfiber wash mitt. Just be sure to constantly rinse the product off, you don’t want it to dry on your car’s surface.

Directions for use:
1. Make sure you are out of direct sunlight.
2. Have a hose with water source, DP Car Shampoo, microfiber wash mitt and drying towel ready.
3. Mix 1 oz. of DP Car Shampoo into a full 5-gallon bucket of water.
4. Turn DP Car Shampoo and water into foam with a strong jet of water into the bucket.
5. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom with a clean microfiber wash mitt.
6. Rinse frequently! Do not allow solution to dry on the surface.

16 oz.

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Glen Ellyn , Illinois
Very good shampoo, light mild scent, added a few squirts into my 5 gallon bucket and had a bubble bath in seconds, mounds of foam good lubricity and rinses off quickly and leaves the surface clean. Great value as a little went a long way!
ProsGreat value, lots of suds/foam, lightly scented, slick and rinses off easily
ConsNothing bad about it
Bye to Wolfgang Auto Bathe
Very good stuff, all I used was WG but got to be over my budget after 10 years. I trust Autogeek not to sell junk so I recently bought this DP Shampoo and was very impressed, now it is my new favorite car soap. I am excited to try more DP products. Great affordable products!
ProsTons of suds and cleans very good with alot of lubercation.
ConsUnfortunately did not buy a gallon
Sigel, PA
Great product!
Great all-around soap. I like the smell. Seems to help to give me some added protection while washing.
Hazleton, PA
Quality and affordable
Great shampoo with a great dilution ratio. This little bottle will get you 16 washes.
Cleaning power and lubricity are top notch.
ProsChecks all boxes of a quality shampoo. Nice vanilla scent.
ConsYou don?t have a bottle yet! :)
Cabery il
I finially got it in and got to use it. The little bit of soap you use went a very long way. I did my dad's work truck so it doesn't get washed or cleaned very often so I was very impressed how great the truck came out with just using the wash. I also got to use it on his grand national which was very dusty.
ProsLiked how little bit cleaned so easy