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Dr. Beasley's Plastic Trim Coating Kit

Dr. Beasley's Plastic Trim Coating Kit Permanently protects your trim!

Plastic Trim Coating Kit will give you all the tools you need to be able to provide a durable layer of protection to your trim surfaces. Plastic Trim Coating Prep will work quickly to prepare the surface to the ideal conditions for the application of Plastic Trim Coating. Plastic Trim Coating creates a durable layer of protection that works three-fold to drastically improve the performance and maintenance of your plastic trim. Not only will your trim be adequately protected, but with proper maintenance, Plastic Trim Coating will remain on your trim indefinitely!

Dr. Beasley's Plastic Trim Coating Kit incudes:

Plastic Trim Coating Prep
Ceramic nano coatings are extremely temperamental and will not bond to a surface properly if the surface is not adequately prepped. There are a slew of oils and residues that are sitting on your plastic trim at any given time. Plastic Trim Coating Prep will remove these oils and residues effortlessly to ensure that Plastic Trim Coating will not only bond properly, will keep that bond for a long time.

Plastic Trim Coating
Your plastic trim is one of the more sensitive surfaces of your exterior and is extremely susceptible to permanent damage. As such, you need to make sure that it is properly protected from the slew of environmental hazards that all of your exterior surfaces are subjected to. Plastic Trim Coating will protect your trim on a multitude of different levels to ensure that is always able to sustain the constant damage it faces on a daily basis. Plastic Trim Coating will prevent your plastic trim from fading by providing it with much needed protection from UV rays and rob your plastic of its luster. You trim will also be protected from marring and etching by providing a highly durable layer of protection. Cleaning your plastic trim will never be easier due to the hydrophobicity qualities your trim will have after you apply Plastic Trim Coating.

Foam Applicator:
This foam applicator is the great choice when you are applying any sort of finishing product to your vehicle’s surfaces. The foam this applicator consists of is extremely soft to ensure that no marring is caused while you are applying coatings.

Item in this kit:
1 Plastic Trim Coating
1 Plastic Trim Coating Prep
1 Foam Block Applicator

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