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Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 Finishing Primer

Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it Finish it off for a long-lasting coating!

Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 is a finishing primer that is engineered to specifically prime ceramic nanocoating applications. Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 removes light marring, produces a deep gloss and provides a layer of adhesion for a ceramic coating to properly bond to the surface. Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 uses advanced nanogel and microsphere abrasives to correct paintwork in a way that ensures a durable coating. Plus, Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 is safe to use, not containing any silicone oils or residue.

When you car has lost its luster and the surface isn't quite what you want it to be, you want a product that will not only rid the surface of marring but you also want it to look as though something is different. With the help of Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 you can not only remove light marring, but you can also end with a glossy shine.

Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 is named after its .45 microns, which are meant to remove lighter defects. Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 is a useful product to use before any ceramic coating application as it is designed to prime the surface. By buffing with this product, it makes your coating stronger for longer by optimizing paint for bonding.

This product also quickly removes fine scratches from the surface, making your vehicle look as good as new. Thanks to the use of microsphere abrasives, these tiny abrasives sink deep into scratches with precision to remove the scratches. These microsphere abrasives are of a spherical shape that allow for faster results. In addition to removing scratches, this finishing primer will also leave the surface with a deep and reflective gloss.

Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 contains a nanogel base, meaning it is free of silicone oils, waxes or fillers. This protects work against scratches and helps to stabilize the surface. This product is also 100% body shop safe, making it a great product for any professional detailer to use. It is made without any organic content, that way you are ensured a stable surface.

-Prep vehicle. For best results, wash with Dr. Beasley's Premium Body Wash, decontaminate with Dr. Beasley's Total Decon, Dr. Beasley's Clay Spray and clay bar. Tape off crevices and sensitive areas.

-Tape off a section of the hood or any other flat panel. Visually inspect paint using a powerful light to determine severity of defects.

-Based on your inspection, conduct 5-7 section passes using the least aggressive NSP and pad combination required to deliver the desired results. (For deep scratches, start with NSP 150. For fine scratches and oxidation, use NSP 95. For light micro marring and finishing, use NSP 45)

-Inspect again. If desired results were achieved, conduct another 5-7 section passes using the next NSP down in terms of aggressiveness, matching pad as necessary.

-Finish with NSP 45 and wipe the panel twice with a dry microfiber towel. Repeat steps going one small area at time until all paintwork has been buffed to desired results.

-If desired results were not achieved, conduct another 5-7 section passes using the next NSP up in terms of aggressiveness, matching pad as needed. When desired results are achieved, continue with 5-7 section passes using the next NSP down in terms of aggressiveness.

-Finish with NSP 45 and wipe the panel twice with a dry microfiber towel. Repeat steps going one small area at time until all paintwork has been buffed to desired results.

-Wipe all panels again with a dry microfiber towel and continue to ceramic coating application. No IPA wipe or wait time is required beforehand.

8 oz.

Dr. Beasley's NSP 45 Finishing Primer

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Aberdeen, MD
Great product - polish and coating primer in one! Fantastic
This is a fantastic product that not many manufacturers have (if any). You can polish and lay down a primer-foundation for your ceramic coating all at once! INCREDIBLE. And the best part, you don't have to wipe down the polish with a panel prep after you are done! Once again.....INCREDIBLE! Works VERY WELL and leaves a great foundation for your coating to bond to making the coating last longer. This stuff is MAGIC. This #45 is labeled as a finishing polish. Of course you can adjust it's cut a little bit based on the pad you use. I used a light polishing (white) pad. It's the last step before you lay down the coating of your choice. Works with ANY ceramic coating brand but I am using the Dr. Beasley's 1201. I was intrigued by the use of distilled water to activate the coating so I figured I'd give it a try. Plus I got a great deal here at Autogeek as I got the "bundle pack" with the Advance Coat: Gloss as a maintenance topper.
ProsPolish and Primer in one product Lays down a foundation with what are described as "bonding points" to help the coating last longer Incredible gloss Wipes off easily Zero dusting Cut can be adjusted based on the pad you use but is generally very light (this is a finish polish)
ConsPricey. 8 ounces cost $40 and that's expensive with so many great polishes and compounds available today which give you 4 to 5 times the amount for that price. There are 3 levels and they all cost $40 each although you can get a bundle pack for $100. That's still REALLY expensive for 8 oz of product. Dr. Beasley needs to rethink their pricing on this stuff. Make it $20 a tube at the most.
Good results
I used this on new car paint that was two months old as a prep for Dr. B's 1201. Applied after a quick claying with a soft polishing pad, 5-7 passes a panel, or half panel at a time. Wiped off easily with no smearing, etc. Buffed all surfaces again when finished which brought out a very clear coat. The paint was very clear and glossy w/o looking like there was a layer of something on it. Very pleased. The product is not a cream or a gel. More like a light foam. Seems to have no cut which is what I wanted.
ProsEase of use. Very clear gloss.