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> > > CarPro Reload Spray Sealant 500 ml.

CarPro Reload Spray Sealant 500 ml.

Hydrophobic, high gloss paint protection!

Give your vehicle the durable glass-like protection of Reload Spray Sealant. It's a water-based, spray-on glass membrane coating so the finish is literally glassy smooth and reflective! Reload Spray Sealant repels dirt and water. Use it alone for up to six months of paint protection or as a booster over CQuartz.

Reload Spray Sealant is not your typical spray wax! Reload is made of a water base plus special modified Silica - the same compound found in glass. The silica gives Reload its fantastic light reflecting properties and a slick shine. Dirt can't stick and water beads on contact!

Reload Spray Sealant forms a thick, substantial coating. In fact, a Reload coating helps prevent fine scratches on paintwork. It can also be used on rubber, plastic, and glass.

Reload Spray Sealant can be used on a wet or dry vehicle. If you use it on a dry vehicle, make sure the paint is clean and cool. On a wet vehicle, Reload Spray Sealant removes water spots and lays down a clear layer of protection - all in one step!

Reload Spray Sealant can be used by itself or on top of Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection. Reload enhances the anti-static, hydrophobic nature of CQuartz and, of course, maintains the high gloss shine! It's a winning combination.

Reload Spray Sealant is a fast, cost effective way to keep your vehicle well-protected and looking its best.


Test Reload in an inconspicuous area before applying to the whole car. In case of uneven areas, wipe off Reload with isopropyl alcohol. Paint should be clean and free of solvents or wax before applying Reload. Reload can be applied on top of CQuartz.

  1. Shake well. Spray the vehicle with Reload after washing or when its dry and cool to the touch.
  2. Wipe off with a clean, dry microfiber towel using light pressure.
500 ml.

CarPro Reload Spray Sealant 500 ml.

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Brazil, Sao Paulo
Great shine
Reload it's a amazing product. He delivered a awesome shine and gloss.
San Diego, CA
Easy, Great Results
I've used and/or tried many vehicle exterior surface products and this is one of the best. This product is relatively pricey especially with regular and unsparing use. Which seems to be me. Having said that, application is easy. I assure the paint is clean either wash or rinse-less wash. I have not tried other SiO2 products, just this one. It performs as represented. If used regularly,I have found contaminates that customarily attach themselves to the vehicle's exterior surface remove with ease with either an inexpensive detailer spray or simply wash or rinse-less wash. Normally acquired surface soiling (dirt) will not be repelled (I don't know of any product that does) but water does tend to run off surface and that will help to "slide" away the dirt with little effort. I've only used this product on vehicles that are white in color. I can't imagine the results would be any different on darker color vehicles. As with any product on any surface, proper preparation is the key. Don't expect to spray this product on a surface that is contaminated, unclean, full of swirls and/or otherwise "unprepared" to produce the shine and benefits it is capable.
ProsEase of use, surface protectant and water repellant properties.
ConsPrice otherwise None. Must be selling plenty of this product to maintain the price margin. I will likely try other less expense SiO2 products to compare.
Central Pennsylvania
Depth beyond compair
Quick spray and wipe and pearl and flake I never knew was there pops out. Super easy to apply
ProsWe'll see how this goes but I may have four a new favorite way to eleminate streaks on windshield insides after cleaning.
Fresno, CA
Attract dust
Great for water repellent and beading but it attracts dust.
ProsGreat water beading
ConsAttract dust
Rockford, Michigan
Shocking Shine!!!
Woweeeee!!!!! I have a 280ZX that is red. I always thought it had orange in the paint. Then I read about Reload and bought a bottle. I can't believe the depth of the shine! AND it changed the color of my car to the deep red it was in the showroom. I'm sold on this product!!
ProsSuper easy to apply. The shine looks a mile thick. The color becomes vibrant. Its not expensive.