> > Cobra Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel, 25 x 36 inches

Cobra Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel, 25 x 36 inches

600 grams and more than 6 square feet of plush, paint-pampering microfiber!

The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel is an extra-large version of our most popular quick detailing towel, the Super Plush Junior. This 25 x 36 sheet of soft, sumptuous microfiber is ultra-thick and thirsty. Use it for buffing, drying, and even dusting your vehicle. The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel is more of what you love in a detailing towel.

Just like its smaller counterparts, the Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel is made of hefty 600 g/m˛ microfiber. This excessively thick fabric provides a plush cushion against your vehicle as it glides over the paint. The towel has plenty of room for liquid, making it an excellent drying towel. Plus, the deep nap has plenty of room for dust and light dirt to sink into the towel rather than being rubbed against the paint while you're buffing. The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel is soft, paint-safe, and it's huge!

This luxurious microfiber was woven by a Korean company who owns what we call a splitting machine. This machine is responsible for the absorbent split-weave that is found in towels. Because of the expense of this machine, it’s uncommon in Korea and nowhere to be found in China. However, the cost of labor in China is much lower. By having the fabric woven in Korea and the towels cut and sewn in China, we’ve acquired these towels at a substantial savings while maintaining quality. When you use the Deluxe Ultra 600 Microfiber Towel, you’ll feel the quality in the thick, plush weave.

The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel has a super thick texture for buffing and drying.
The plush microfiber loops are extremely soft and absorbent.


Dampen the Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel with water to turn it into an all-purpose cleaning towel. Use it dry to quickly dust off your vehicle's exterior. Buff your vehicle when applying spray wax. Because it’s Microfiber, the towel has a tremendous capacity for water. Use it to dry your vehicle and apply a coat of spray wax at the same time. This simple technique prevents water spots and deepens the paint’s gloss. The options are endless!

Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towels
The Super Plush XL is the largest of the Super Plush Microfiber Towels.

Another excellent feature of this towel is the microfiber edge. A microfiber strip is sewn around the edges to cover the stitching at the edges of the towel. This strip of microfiber is just as soft as the rest of the towel and it prevents the stitching underneath from scratching.

And there’s more! The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel has a removable tag. Instead of the tag being sewn into the towel, the tag information is printed on a sticker. Just remove the sticker prior to use. Without a tag or stitching around the edges, this towel is totally microfiber! Note: Remove the sticker before washing the towel.

The ultimate microfiber is now available in a huge 25 x 36 inch towel! The Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel has all the outstanding features of the smaller Super plush Junior plus a large size that is great for larger vehicles.

Korean Microfiber assembled in China.

25 x 36 inches

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Cobra Super Plush XL Microfiber Towel, 25 x 36 inches

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7 Reviews
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71% Recommend this product (5 of 7 responses)
Soft, Plush and Great Product
This and the purple microfiber towels are among the best I have used. Great value and great product.
Good towels ...
This is the best towel I have ever used
ConsNo faults
Lakeland Fl.
Great towels
Soft,lint free,absorbant wash up great
ConsMade in China
Charlotte, NC
Excellent drying towel
This is my go-to "production" drying towel. I use these with an ONR wash followed by a drying aid - either megs x-press spray wax or opti-seal. I've purchased several, and will purchase more. Great value.
ProsValue, quality, plush.
ConsVery good, but not the best. The best microfiber drying towel is not available through autogeek. (yet?)
Cleveland, Ohio
Lavender becomes Gold Towels
They sent the wrong towels but I did not realize how lavender the ones I ordered were so Gold ones were fine. I think they soak up water almost like the Cobra 530 model towels.
ProsIt works like the Cobra 530. You will like these almost as much. If you let them rest on car top and watch water soak up you will feel better than ever dragging across the car. These did not scratch anything just like the 530 Towels. They are just a little lighter to use.
ConsI wonder why the lavender towels were not red or blue and order may have gone through properly but I really thought overall all products bought were in same class of goodness. Even green or bright orange or peach would have been a good color to watch soak up water. Whatever may be used in washroom that matches tile is good enough for car. They both have expensive surfaces that need finest cloths. Expensive new way to clean washroom!