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3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay - 38070

3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay - 38070Officially licensed by Nascar!

Look closely at your vehicle. Examine the paint on the hood and the lower side panels. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you may see tiny brownish orange spots in the paint. These little specks are rust and they can keep spreading until your paint system completely fails. The good news is that these tiny specks of rust can be easily removed with clay!

Clay is easy to use and it is the only way to completely clean automotive paint. Microscopic debris penetrates your vehicle’s clear coat everyday. If these contaminants are not removed, they oxidize to create the tiny rust spots. Those spots are doorways into your vehicle’s paint system. 3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay is a paint-cleaning compound that grabs foreign particles as it glides across the paint. The particles stick to the clay and do not redeposit onto the surface. Your paint will feel glassy smooth and highly reflective. Used twice a year, clay will prevent paint oxidation and keep the finish looking as good as new.

Like all clay, 3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay works on glass and chrome, too. The nonabrasive bar is safe on any surface and it contains no harmful chemicals or solvents. The clay sits above the paint surface and pulls contaminants upward. Use any water-based lubricant to provide a slick surface for the clay to glide on. This slick layer will protect the surface from loose particles that have been removed by the clay. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant will provide a slick surface without deteriorating the clay bar.

Use 3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay on a clean vehicle out of direct sunlight. Do not use it on very hot surfaces because the heat will cause the lubricant to evaporate too quickly. Spray a 2 ft. area with lubricant and rub the clay back and forth. It will grab at first. This is normal. Keep rubbing until the clay glides effortlessly. Use a microfiber towel to wipe away any residue. Continue until you’ve clayed the entire vehicle. Reshape the clay frequently to expose a clean portion. Store the bar by spraying it with lubricant and sealing it in a plastic bag inside its original jar.

If your vehicle is covered in tiny orange specks, its time to clay! 3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay will remove rust and debris to leave your vehicle perfectly clean and healthy.

7 oz.