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A basic tool in every pro's detailing chest!

Cheesecloth has been around for ages, well before microfiber or super-advanced textile fabrics were conceived. These new-age materials certainly have their place but sometimes you just can't beat a natural, soft, loosely woven fabric like cheesecloth. Use it for a final wipedown after waxing, the last particles of wax and lint will disappear without leaving static residue.

There is no match for the ability of a small piece of fine cheesecloth when it comes to reaching into small cavities. Use to remove wax residue and dirt around molding and emblems. Delicate and intricate road wheel patterns are cleaned easily with a strip of soft strong cheesecloth. When detailing the interior of your vehicle cheesecloth will be useful in more ways than I can mention. Moistened with a small amount of cleaner, every crevice can be reached. Used wet or dry, all nooks and crannies, regardless of shape or size, can be reached and cleaned.

4 oz. bag

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