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CARPRO MetalliCut

CARPRO MetalliCutCuts a heavy metal glossy finish

CARPRO MetalliCut is as sleek as its name with a hybrid design of diamond and diminishing abrasive compounds. CARPRO MetalliCut is fueled with heavy cutting action and completed with a high gloss finish. CARPRO MetalliCut is easy-to-use and is safe to use on even soft metals, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome.

Finished and shiny metal can make or break the ultimate result of your perfectly detailed car. However, sometimes metal compounding and polishing is just an additional tiresome step you must endure after already washing, claying, compounding and polishing the rest of your vehicle. You need a product that is a hybrid of two steps in one and still looks sleekly perfect as a finished work of art. CARPRO MetalliCut is your answer!

Once you have cleaned off your car’s metal, get ready for the next, and now final, step of the metal polishing compound. The CARPRO MetalliCut is the hybrid product you’ve been waiting for, a polishing compound comprised of diamond and diminishing abrasive compounds. The diminishing abrasives start cutting hard, but eventually the powerful abrasives cut away and start polishing a smooth finish instead. Thanks to the diamond particles, the results are more consistent, application time is reduced, and the surface finish is nice and even. At the same time, the diminishing abrasives allow you to work on a multitude of surfaces, even the soft ones!

The fast cutting action of CARPRO MetalliCut is easy-to-use and can applied by either hand or by machine. Whatever method of application you choose, CARPRO MetalliCut is safe and effective on all types of metal, including stainless steel, aluminum and chrome.

150 mL.