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CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detail Spray

CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detail Spray

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Perfect for your ceramic coated paint!

CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is a cleaning product and gloss enhancer built on over 2 years of research and development. While it was designed to work especially well with ceramic coated vehicles, CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray works surprisingly well on non-coated vehicles as well. Designed to work well in extreme heat and even direct sunlight, CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray provides an easy, eco-friendly, and glossy solution to quick details and waterless washes.

Sometimes known as the leaders in ceramic coatings, CARPRO ECH2O has provided yet another high-performing product, designed to work with their ceramic coatings. A combination of proprietary lifting agents and natural organic extracts and lubricants creates a formula that easily removes dust and light dirt while leavings behind a wet, glossy finish.

CARPRO ECH2O’s secret to such a great shine? Its modified high gloss SiO2 components and their innate cleaning abilities. The surface finish left over after using the CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is a well-known characteristic if you’ve used CARPRO SiO2 sealants or CARPRO ceramic coatings in the past.

This concentrated formula gives you the ability to adjust to your specific needs! For use as a quick detailer, dilute CARPRO ECH2O 1:10, or for use as a waterless wash only, dilute CARPRO ECH2O 1:5.

CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is ultra-versatile and can be used on all exterior surfaces; it won’t stain or discolor rubber or plastic trim and looks amazing when used on chrome surfaces! CARPRO ECH2O can even be used in direct sunlight!

Give your coated (or even non-coated!) vehicle and safe, swirl-free wash and quick detail with CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray.

Directions for use:
When using CARPRO ECH2O as a quick detailer: Shake the product well and dilute per your needs (generally, 1:10 but can go up to 1:20). Spray CARPRO ECH2O over a panel, spread for even coverage and wipe off completely. That’s it!

When using CARPRO ECH2O as a waterless wash: Shake the product well and dilute per your needs (generally, 1:5 but can go up to 1:10). Spray liberally across one entire panel. Using a clean and soft microfiber towel, wipe the panel in a back and forth motion, frequently flipping your towel to a clean side. Once again, spray CARPRO ECH20 over entire panel and (using a new microfiber towel!) wipe product off completely. Continue this process around the whole care. Be sure you have plenty of soft microfiber towels on hand!

500 ml

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Las Vegas, NV
I couldn’t be happier using any other product. I have tried many companies waterless wash and this one is top 3. It cut through all dirt and grime. It sprayed on evenly and took minimal effort. I was completely satisfied with the final appearance of my car. I might even consider stopping using water to clean my car as this looked just as good with less tools, time and mess. No two buckets. No lost time on drying. No expensive drying towels. Only thing still needed was tire and wheel cleaning. But I saved over an hour compared to a wash. Next time I’m gonna use an instant detailer right after finishing to see what the shine looks like. Love it
ProsSaved time, money, towels, being wet, waiting for things to dry, annoyed neighbors, sunlight
walker, LA
All I can say is this stuff is fantastic.
Chicago, Illinois
Waterless Wash is great!
I've used this several times for waterless washes. I live in an apt building and don't have access to a place where I can easily hand wash. So far, I've went through a touches automatic car wash to get the bulk of the dirt off, and used this product to finish the job. No complaints. And the dilution ratio is relatively high so this bottle should last a very long time.
Slick, lubrication, versatile
The is the best rinseless wash on the market. It has tons of lubrication. Cleaning capabilities are right up there. Although, it’s not strong like a APC, the dirt encapsulating agents are extremely effective. If this is not enough for you to buy, just know that it has SIO2 in it, which will leave your car noticeably shinier. This is a versatile product. You can also use it as a drying aid, QD, waterless wash or rinseless wash. You can dilute it extremely mildly and clean the interior of your car to wipe it down.
Prosversatility, effectiveness, shine it leaves behind and ease of use.
ConsPrice. I wish it was a little lower.
Redlands CA
Excellent rinseless wash for coated cars, with a little extra effort
After coating my car with CQuartz, I wanted to try a rinseless wash that would keep the shine going strong. I used this stuff as the first wash after coating in a rinseless solution, with about 3oz to 3-4 gallons of water in a wash bucket. Using a chenille wash mitt that I have dedicated to rinseless washes, I worked 2-3 panels at a time before drying, going over each section with only one pass. The behavior of the solution was interesting as it clung and sheeted over the surface while feeling incredibly slick and smooth. After every couple passes, I would dip the mitt back in to the solution, and all the dirt would release from the mitt with basically no effort required to scrub against the grit guard. I was very impressed by that characteristic, as I have tried other rinseless solutions that won't release dirt from the wash media nearly as easily. Then I dried each panel using a 16x16 PFM with just one pass.

There is mild streaking from this product due to the SiO2 gloss enhancers, and Car Pro recommends going over the car with a clean dry towel to buff away the residue after finishing. I did just that with a little bit of homebrew Elixir (made from this product mixed with Reload and water in a spray bottle) and... wow. I can't believe how glossy the car came out!
ProsCleaning ability seems to be pretty good, and wash media rinses clean with zero effort. Finished product has a beautiful shine after buffing away residue. Versatility seems to be pretty good.
ConsResidual streaking is a concern due to the SiO2 properties, so not the first choice as a pure cleaning solution. Best used as a detail spray, I think, but still very impressive as a rinseless wash.