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Portable Power Battery Tender

Switch between 2.5 and a full 5 amps output!

Deltran sells several different battery chargers with an output of 2 amps or less. These are excellent for gradually charging 12 V batteries in recreational vehicles and maintaining that voltage. But these chargers take longer to charge a car battery because that battery needs a stronger current to get it running. Generally a jumpstarter produces cranking amps, which are suitable for cars and trucks, but too powerful for smaller batteries. With the Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger, you’re getting a battery charger whose output is low enough for small batteries or high enough to charge a car battery in a reasonable time.

The Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger allows you to easily switch between the full 5 amp charging rate and a lower 2.5 amp charging rate. You can use the lower setting on smaller batteries and for gradual charging, and use the higher setting on the largest batteries in your garage, like the one in your car, truck, SUV, or van. You can restore a fully discharged battery to its full charge in less than two hours. Try that with a 1.25 amp charger.

Like all Battery Tender products, the Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger will never overcharge or damage a battery. Its four-step charging program keeps the voltage from going too low or too high. And the Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger is short circuit-proof and reverse polarity protected. It will maintain an operational voltage automatically, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it.

To switch the output level, just swap the accessory lead that connects the charger to the battery. Plug into 3-pin connectors to get 5 amps of output, or plug into 2-pin connectors to get 2.5 amps of output. Adjust the Portable Power Battery Tender for any application so you’ll never have too little or too much charging power.

The Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger measures just 7.75”x5.38”x4.88”. Its compact design means it stores easily in your garage or in your trunk. Charge your vehicle anywhere there is an AC outlet.

If you only buy one battery tender, get the one that is versatile enough to use on all your full-size and recreational vehicles- the Portable Power Battery Tender battery charger.

  • 12 Volt 2.5 Amp or 5 Amp switchable
  • Bi-level output current
  • 4 step charging (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, float maintenance)
  • Unique 3-wire cable accessory
  • Spark proof
  • Short circuit & reverse polarity protected

  • Portable Power Battery Tender

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    Portable Power Battery Tender