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3M Rubbing Compound 05973

3M Rubbing Compound 05973The professional’s choice for defect removal

3M compounds and polishes have been a staple in body shops around the world for decades and for good reason – they work! 3M Rubbing Compound 05973 is no exception as this professional-grade compound has the ability to level defects including sanding marks as low as 1200 grit in a hurry. Its non-gritty low-dust formula does all of this without making a mess.

3M Rubbing Compound 05973 makes traditional compounds look like polishes. Its ultra heavy cut formula has the ability to level 1200 grit sanding marks on fresh paint. If wet sanding, cutting and buffing is your trade, you know that more cut is better when it comes to compounds. The less time you spend removing sanding marks, the more time you can spend polishing the paint to a swirl-free high gloss.

Traditional heavy cut compounds tend to haze paint and create more work with the swirls they leave behind. 3M Rubbing Compound 05973 utilizes 21st century abrasive technology to provide a compound that is far more user friendly. When using 3M Rubbing Compound 05973 you’ll spend less time worrying about swirls and more time focusing on the task at hand – and that’s to achieve flawless paint!

3M Rubbing Compound 05973 was designed with the professional in mind. Its heavy-duty formula is VOC compliant and body-shop safe. 3M Rubbing Compound 05973 was primarily designed to be used with a wool pad but if less cut is desired, a foam pad is ideal. To achieve flawless, swirl-free paint after using 3M Rubbing Compound 05973, follow up with 3M Machine Polish 06064 and a soft foam finishing pad. For the ultimate wet-look on fresh paint that’s just been wet sanded, cut and buffed, use 3M Imperial Hand Glaze 39007.

32 oz.


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