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BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish 128 oz.

BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish 128 oz.

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Correct and prep all in one step!

BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is the perfect product to use prior to your favorite ceramic coating to ensure that the light swirls and scratches are filled in and the surface is properly prepped. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish contains Silica technology that will create a stronger bond with any ceramic coating applied to your paint surface, greatly increasing the strength and duration of your coating. By combining the two most time-consuming steps of applying a paint coating, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish allows you to cut your detailing time in half. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish can even be used as a stand-alone product to correct minor imperfections and leave a protective barrier behind.

Ceramic coatings are one of the most innovative advancements in the automotive detailing industry. They have supplied an easily accessible alternative to traditional waxes and sealants that is capable of providing a much higher level of protection to your paint. Not only that, but the lifetime of ceramic coatings is typically measured in years, not months like traditional waxes. The downside to these incredible protective products is that they are quite particular about the condition of the surface to which they are applied. If there is any oils, waxes, or sealants remaining on your paint surface, ceramic coatings will not properly bond. You must use a product prior to your ceramic coating that will rid the surface of these troublesome factors and allow your coating to bond properly. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is a non-abrasive, solvent-free polish that will effectively remove any substances that would prevent you from getting the most out of your ceramic coating.
Applying BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is as easy as applying to a foam polishing pad and applying! Your paint will be polished and primed for BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Paint Coating in no time!

Once you have applied a ceramic coating to your paint surface, it will act as a magnifying glass and amplify the effects of any scratches or swirls that are embedded in your clear-coat. Therefore, it is crucial that you remedy these imperfections prior to applying your ceramic coating. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish will correct the minor swirling and scratches that may exist in your paint, leaving behind a flawless surface before you apply your coating.

The Silica technology contained in the formula for BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is the same Silica that is used in the majority of ceramic coatings on the market. By applying a thin layer of this Silica on your paint surface, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish gives your ceramic coating anchor points that it will be able to latch onto, creating a much stronger bond to your paint.

Even if you are not planning on applying a ceramic coating to your paint, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is still a great product for you. Because BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish contains Silica, it will leave behind its own layer of protection as well. This allows you to use BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish as a stand-alone correction and protection product that will protect your paint up to 6 months.

For best results, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish should be applied with a machine polisher.

• Ensure the surface is cleaned and dried prior to application. Shake well. Apply several quarter-sized drops of product onto a foam polishing or all-in-one pad and spread over the surface while the machine is still off.

• Turn polisher on low and gradually increase speed and pressure. Work until polish is no longer noticeable and remove the excess product using a clean microfiber buffing towel. Continue around the vehicle.

Allow cure time of 1 hour before applying paint coating.

128 oz.


BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish 128 oz.