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BLACKFIRE Paint Prep 5 Gallon

You can’t get the perfect finish without the perfect prep!

BLACKFIRE Paint Prep is a pre-coating prep spray designed to remove all polishing oils, synthetic fillers, light dust, and fingerprints from a surface before the application of a paint coating or last step product. BLACKFIRE Paint Prep is a simple spray and wipe, advanced formula that will not mar or scratch the surface during use. The key to a perfect paint coating application is the prep – and BLACKFIRE Paint Prep is just what you need!

Paint coatings have slowly taken over the detailing market as one of the most popular protection products you can buy. While they last a lot longer than a traditional carnauba paste wax or sealant, the prep time involved has turned some people off. But, why would you coat a car that isn’t already perfect!? This means removing swirls and scratches, before a treatment from a paint prep product – that’s where BLACKFIRE Paint Prep comes in.

In the simplest terms, BLACKFIRE Paint Prep will “strip” your vehicle’s paint of all gloss hindering contaminants before the application of a paint coating. This includes light dust that may have accumulated after wipe your polish off, synthetic fillers used in your polish, oils left over from your polish or compound, and fingerprints left over from yourself. BLACKFIRE Paint Prep leaves a completely cleaned surface behind.

Once your paint has been fully cleaned and prepped, your paint is ready to receive a coating. If you do not properly prep your paint before applying a paint coating, you inhibit the coating’s ability to properly bond to the paint, causing premature failure. When coating your precious paint, you don’t want to cut any corners. Use BLACKFIRE Paint Prep to make sure you get the best coating experience you can!

Directions for use: Only apply to cool surfaces in the shade.

Spray a liberal amount of product directly onto the surface and wipe area using a clean, dry microfiber towel. Repeat for each panel until entire vehicle has been cleansed of polishing oils and fillers.

5 Gallon - 640 oz.

Not available for expedited shipping.


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BLACKFIRE Paint Prep 5 Gallon

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BLACKFIRE Paint Prep 5 Gallon