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BLACKFIRE Leather Complete 5 Gallon

A complete leather detail in one step!

BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will allow you to condense every step of your leather detailing process into one easy step. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will effectively clean your leather while not damaging the very delicate surface in the process. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will condition your leather, restoring it to a supple, soft, and better than new condition. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will leave a durable level of protection behind after application to prevent the onset of further damage in the future.

Interior detailing is already a very time-consuming task, and detailing a leather interior increases that time-consumption ten-fold. Leather usually requires a three-step process to adequately detail it. Leather needs to be cleaned, conditioned, and protected before you can call it completely detailed. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete cuts the time you spend detailing leather drastically by combining all three steps of leather detailing into one step. Whether you are detailing professionally or even just as an enthusiast, BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will expedite your leather detailing process.
BLACKFIRE Leather Complete is a complete leather detail in just one step! Simply spray, scrub, and wipe!

Leather is becoming a more and more popular choice for the interiors of cars. Leather has a very unique look and feel that provides the interior of a vehicle a luxurious look that improves the look of any vehicle. The only aspect of leather that can leave a bad taste in many people’s mouth is how difficult it is to clean. Leather requires a very delicate touch to ensure that it will not fade or degrade either during the cleaning process or afterwards. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete was formulated with a very gentle combination of cleaner agents and conditioners. These cleaner agents and conditioners allow BLACKFIRE Leather Complete to provide the gentle touch that leather requires.

BLACKFIRE Leather Complete contains extremely high-quality conditioners that will restore the condition of your leather greatly, bringing to a better than new look and feel.

After you have finished a leather detailing, the last thing you want is to have that leather return to its past condition a day after you’ve detailed it. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will leave behind a protective layer on the leather’s surface that will protect the leather surface after the detailing. BLACKFIRE Leather Complete will not only provide incredible results to the leather you are detailing, but it will also ensure those results last long after you are finished.

Directions: Vacuum the area you indent to detail prior to application to ensure all loose dirt and debris are removed. Test BLACKFIRE Leather Complete on an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no color-fastness before applying the product. Spray BLACKFIRE Leather Complete directly onto the surface and then use a microfiber towel or applicator to rub the product into the surface. Then use a clean microfiber towel to buff excess product off the surface.

5 Gallon - 640 oz.

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BLACKFIRE Leather Complete 5 Gallon

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BLACKFIRE Leather Complete 5 Gallon