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BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser 5 Gallon

Because even your engine needs a little detailing every now and then!

BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula used to remove crud and oil from your engine and surrounding areas. BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser uses a gentle formula that will not harm your engine’s components or the paint, plastic, and glass surrounding your engine compartment. Engine bays are a dirty area – they’re exposed to oils, dirt, grime, and all sorts of other crud – but BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser will get that cleaned in no time!

Any detailing professional or enthusiast will tell you that keeping your paint, wheels, and glass clean is of the utmost importance. But what about what’s under the hood? Not only does a dirty engine look bad (who wants to see caked on grease at a car show!?), but it can also start to harm your delicate engine pieces if not properly cared for. Finding a degreaser that can cut through that thick crud, while not damaging the surrounding area in the process, is a must when looking to detail your engine!

Many degreasers on the market today use harsh, caustic chemicals to break down caked on crud, but not BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser! Using a gentle, non-toxic, and biodegradable formula, BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser effectively removes thick layers of grease, oil, dirt, grime, salt, and more from your engine’s surfaces!
BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser helps you make sure every inch of your vehicle (even what's under the hood!), is cleaner than ever!

During detailing, some overspray is to be expected; and if you’re using harsh chemicals, you may cause untold damage to your paint, plastic, or glass. BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser, using the same qualities that make the formula non-toxic and biodegradable, will not harm any surface it comes into contact with. In fact, it’ll leave it cleaner than when you found it!

Keep your vehicle’s covered surfaces just as cleaned and detail as its exterior surfaces with BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser!

Directions for use: First and foremost, ensure proper precautions are taken to protect elements of your engine that should not be exposed to moisture. This includes blocking the air intake if necessary. Do not use BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser on a hot engine.

First, wet the surface using a fine mist of water.

Spray BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser onto the surface to be treated and allow to soak for approximately 3-5 minutes.

If necessary, use a soft bristled brush to agitate and remove stuck-on crud.

Rinse away using another fine mist of water.

5 Gallon - 640 oz.

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BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser 5 Gallon

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BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser 5 Gallon