BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating

Perfect for the professional or the enthusiast!

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating bridges the gap between entry level commercial ceramic coatings and professional-only industrial ceramic coatings, allowing everyone to achieve an extraordinary mirror-like shine! BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was designed using a solvent and fluorine free formula to maximize its user-safety and ensure that it can be applied anywhere. The thermoplastic component contained in the formula for BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating creates a flexible, cross-linked matrix that provides 9H+ hardness that is graded to last up to 2 years when properly maintained. The incredible structural integrity of this matrix makes BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating one of the most abrasion and corrosion resistant ceramic coatings on the market today!
BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating provides an increased level of protection compared to what you would typically receive from a ceramic coating.

The introduction of ceramic coatings into the automotive detailing industry has pushed the limits of the level of protection that is available. When the expected life-time of these coatings is measured in years, it is difficult to shy away from the protection that they offer. There is one major downfall that these ceramic coatings tend to have in common though, they are much more difficult to apply than your standard car wax. When the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was being formulated, maximizing the ease of use was a crucial aspect to achieve, and achieved it was. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was formulated without any aromatic solvents that would otherwise negatively affect the consistency and viscosity of this product, drastically increasing how difficult it is to apply.

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating provides an increased level of protection compared to what you would typically receive from a ceramic coating. This increase in protection is due to the unique thermoplastic components used in the formulation of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating. This thermoplastic component works on the molecular level to form a cross-linked matrix that is capable of flexing with your paint surface. The cross-linked structure of this matrix is what provides the incredible 9H+ hardness level that BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating boasts, while the ability to flex with your paint gives it the durability to protect your paint for up to 2 years. Of course, all the while, this matrix will repel any moisture away from your paint surface, causing water to bead and sheet off!
BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating is easily applied with the BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator and the BLACKFIRE Suede Microfiber Coating Towels, creating that perfect shine.

If you are a person who takes great care of their vehicle, it is unlikely that applying a ceramic coating will be the last thing you do to your vehicle. Your maintenance washes and chemical decontaminations will likely continue so you can maintain the best shine possible. These highly corrosive and abrasive processes would typically break down most protective products and cut the lifetime of them in half. The chemical composition of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating allows it to resist the damage that these necessary processes tend to create, allowing it to far outlast the point where other protective products would begin to breakdown and fail!
Once applied, BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating provides an unparalleled level of gloss, hydrophobicity, and shine.

If necessary, use BLACKFIRE Compound and BLACKFIRE Polish to remove swirls and scratches from your paint's surface. If paint correction is necessary, you can use BLACKFIRE Prep Spray to prep the surface for proper bonding.

If your vehicle does not have any major imperfections, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish can be used to remove light swirls and scratches as well as prep the surface for the application of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating. Allow the BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish to cure for at least 1 hour before application of coating.

• Shake this product well before use.

• Wrap a suede towel around a foam applicator block and apply a straight line of product onto the towel.

• Working in a 3ĺ x 3ĺsection, apply the product to the paint in straight lines with a 50% overlap between strokes. Allow BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating to flash then gently buff the surface with a soft, dry microfiber towel. Switch to a clean side of the towel frequently to avoid streaking.

• If you would like to apply a second coat, you may do so immediately after the first. Allow this product to cure for 12 hours before exposure to moisture. Avoid washing your vehicle for 72 hours after application.

50 ml.

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating

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First Time User of the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating .....
I can not say enough about the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating ... first I can not believe the Ô€œshineÔ€created by the product. I have had many people stop me and rave about the shine. I did it all when I did it. I coated the entire 2018 Explorer XLT including the wheels (took them off the vehicle) inside and outside and all the trim and body parts. I coated small sections in a lawnmower fashion one way then the other way and overlapping an important part ... overlapping. The weather was hot and humid and flashed quickly. I used extra microfiber towels and rotated and changed often. Not a must but felt it worked better. Once it flashed I evened out what I had applied quickly and lightly and followed up by going over again about every quarter at through applying just Incase I missed product build up. Went on and off early and had enough to a good sized body and had some left over. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone with any skill level. The finish is like glass. Smooth as a babies butt. I expect it to last more then the 2 years they say. ­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘­Ÿ‘
ProsRead above 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 .. my interior taken pics do not give it justice ...
ConsMake sure you overlap and cover all. IF not you will see in the sunlight where you missed. I only missed one spot and had to compound that area out and reapply ... you can not just add after it dries. You will still see where you stopped. After compounding lightly and reapplying it blends in.
Schnecksville, Pa
repeat customer and happy with this product.
I first tried this coating on my wife's Rav4 almost 2 years ago. Garage kept. but used daily and still beads up. Then I did my Ford explorer, when I traded this in on my Jeep Wrangler the comment was that this car had such a nice finish on it. 3RD vehicle was my Silverado pickup truck. Now that that is done, I did my Wrangler. All of them look like there in mint condition because of the Blackfire products I have used on them. This bottle is for my friends Chrysler van. Being black I am sure it will stand out against anything they park it next to. I'm getting better with it and it shows well.
Prosuse the applicator that comes with it and it goes on very smooth and even. Easy on and off. I am happy with the results I get from Blackfire and Autogeeks
Quality Coating!
I have had great success selling this product to my customers. Proper prep work is both essential and lengthy, but the results are worth while. I installed this coating on my wife's Mercedes 5 months ago and it beads water like I did it yesterday! it has also made it easier to clean the car. An occasional spritz with BlackFire SI02 is a great follow up after hand washing.
ProsEasy to use
ConsProper preparation before use is essential!
North Carolina
Super easy application ..
Ceramic coatings are no longer scary ...This product is easy to apply and easy to apply multiple coats...Priced well after seeing friends car with pro applications this product holds its own and I saved 2000.00 ...
ProsEasy application ...Quick flash point so multiple coats go quickly ...
Greenville, OH
Easy application for first time user of Ceramic Coating
I have used Blackfire products for years on my vehicles due to the ease of application/removal, durability and shine. With the advent of ceramic coatings being offered to the home detailer and reading numerous reviews, I again turned to Blackfire. Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coatings was easy to apply and produced absolutely gorgeous results. As with all Blackfire products, the key is remembering a little goes a long way. I took my my time, overlapped the passes 50% and crosshatching as instructed and had zero instances of high spots or areas of issue.