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Black Again Includes FREE Applicator!

Includes free foam applicator!

The Professional Detailers Formula To Restore, Protect, And Clean Every Color Exterior Trim.

Black Again is BACK Again, and better than ever! The Professional Detailers secret weapon for maintaining and beautifying exterior trim has been unavailable since 1999, but thanks to a new company (North American Oil, Co.) and an improved formula Black Again has re-entered the market to the overwhelming satisfaction of enthusiasts everywhere.

Long a favorite and considered a “must have” in every pro’s detailing kit, the formula in Black Again was never duplicated, and the loss of the product frustrated any who came to rely on its superior performance.

Black Again is a rich 3-in-1 polymer formula that is unmatched in the industry in its ability to clean, renew, and protect all color exterior trim.

If you’ve ever gotten wax on your trim, you understand the frustration of having chalky white streaks “glued” to your trim; diminishing the beauty of your car. You’ve tried buffing it out, which won’t work, or washing it off- even soap is ineffective. Some products will temporarily re-darken the blighted area, but never really clean the stain or renew the finish to its original luster.

Black Again is not a temporary fix. It provides a solution to the most common trim offenders: Oxidation, Sun Exposure, and Wax residue. From the moment you apply Black Again you will notice the difference: it cleans the area... permanently! This product is actually UV activated. After applying Black Again the manufacturer recommends placing the vehicle under direct sunlight for maximum effect! That’s because the compounds in Black Again react and respond to sunrays, making it the best UV protectant for all exterior trim. This superior UV protection gives Black Again impressive durability. Trim retains a new, ‘wet-shine’ luster long after the initial application and through various weather conditions.

Other products evaporate in the sun and wash off in the rain. Black Again has staying power and can be used on all color trim, rubber, plastic, black metal, and flat paint.

Use Black Again on smooth and textured surfaces, bumpers, trim, louvers, air vents, wiper arms, mud guards, tires, door handles, luggage and ski racks!

Restores exterior trim to new! Black Again is a clear, thick lotion that goes only where you put it. It won’t run and leave residue where you don’t want it. Simply pre-clean and dry the surface where Black Again is to be applied. Place product on a clean cloth or applicator pad and rub onto surface using a back and forth motion. Once the desired luster is achieved and all trim surfaces have been cleaned with Black Again, place vehicle under direct sunlight to
seal-in the product for maximum effect.

Black Again is perfect for use on all Automobiles, Trucks, and RV’s. Motorcycle enthusiasts love the way it renews the luster of top boxes, saddlebags and more!

Don’t settle for dim trim; get Black Again, and find out for yourself why professional detailers and enthusiasts everywhere are thrilled that it’s back again!

8 oz.

One foam applicator included with purchase of Black Again.

Black Again Includes FREE Applicator!

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Black Again Includes FREE Applicator!
4 Stars based on 23 Review(s)
Michael Quarles
Lake Murray South Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

What happened to new again for interiors
July 23, 2017
Black again is a great product for exterior,but I have not found anything equivalent to new again for interior.

Caroline Hagberg
SandSprings, Oklahoma
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Stuff!
August 21, 2016
For starters this company gave top A service and this product is nothing short of amazing! I used it on trim on 3 different vehicles and they look absolutely amazing!! So glad I found this product!!!! if your vehicle looks drab and dull this stuff will make the trim look new again!!! I purchased 3 bottles. I used not even a 1/4 bottle on all trim on 3 vehicles so that tells you ssomething. . Thanks so much! I'm not embarrassed of my cars now. The actually look newer. I'm not much for giving reviews but this Black Again is A+++ in my book
Extremely easy to apply great for restoring trim

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Black again
April 16, 2016
It works!

ezequiel tobares
hurlingham, buenos aires, argentina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

One of the best plastic restorer
April 3, 2016
The best plastic restorer and sealant because of the price and quality

1 Stars

Didn't do anything to return the color to the plastic on my car
April 22, 2015
I bought it to see if the color would come back from the moisture spots behind the seats on the plastic part of my car, it is a convertible. It didn't leave any black behind to try and cover the spots.

Punta Gorda, Fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Black Again Is Back & Better Than Ever
April 11, 2015
Long time user of Black Again on all the plastic & rubber trim on Porsche 90 C4 Targa including the black metal Targa roll bar. For me, it is the only product that truly bonds to a surface for lasting protection. All the others are low-molecular weight water-based silicone. Black Again is the real deal and is a high-molecular weight silicone which cures in UV light. Take time to clean the dirt off your trim and if you previously used other stuff, give the surface a good wipe with de-natured alcohol. Take small piece of micro-fiber towel and apply some BA. Rub onto the surface, spread evenly and if necessary re-apply until you have a consistent appearance. Wait 15 minutes and lightly wipe off any excess. Put car out into the sun and UV light will cure the surface. Light buff and for really bad surfaces do 2nd coat. Took BA to a Porsche meet, demonstrated it and could have sold a couple of cases.
Durable, easy to work with, cures to a consistent appearance.
Non thus far.

Houston, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This stuff is awesome!
November 20, 2014
Used on my FJ Cruiser which is over 7 yrs old now... the luggage rack & custom black powder bumper were beginning to fade. Black again did just as it promised... esp after the sun hit it. It make a tremendous difference .... made my truck look new again.... black again seriously works great. Will be a lifetime customer!

Georgetown, Kentucky
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product For Exterior Trim
October 16, 2014
Used this on the bottom trim of my Dodge Challenger and turned the gray back to black again. Great product and a little goes a long way.

1 Stars

Black Again
September 6, 2012
Goes on Nice and looks good. The draw back is it washes off from rain and streaks down on the paint. Its not durable at all.

2 Stars

Not impressed
August 11, 2012
Looked great for a few days. Then it began streaking heavily down from door handles after a few days of heavy dew. Did not last more than a couple of weeks.

5 Stars

Brand new trim!
February 8, 2011
I used this on my wife's Volvo which has dark blue lower body trim. In short, it is absolutely amazing. I didn't expect anywhere near this level of results. The trim went from a faded, white covered mess, to looking better than brand new. It has been about a week and has shown no sign of wearing off, unlike other trim products I tried.

R. Garcia
5 Stars

Restores faded trim
November 6, 2010
Worked great on my RAV4, cleaned off wax residue and restored the color of the plastic trim to new looking.

5 Stars

black again always
October 24, 2009
best of best

Danny Vanco (aka Thejoyofdriving)
3 Stars

It works but...
September 3, 2009
If you get this stuff on windows or bodywork its a real pain to get off. This product seems to attract a little more dust than i would like. That said it does work, it restores trim temporarily, i would keep using it if clean up wasnt so bad.

5 Stars

black again
August 7, 2009
best product ever

4 Stars

Pretty Good
July 11, 2008
A little hard to get used to, but works well with the edge detailing swabs and a mf tower +some patience. Runs like crazy so make sure u wipe it well!

5 Stars

BLACK and new
May 16, 2008
Great product. better than any other product out there

K.W. Kirchner
3 Stars

February 25, 2008
Tried it on the bumper of my 2002 Dodge RAM truck it seemed to streak badly after the first application when it rained. It lasted longer on the door handles and the wiper cowling.

5 Stars

No match
November 19, 2007
There is nothing else out there that does what this product promises...and delivers. If you want your plastic and rubber to look like new, your search ends here.

5 Stars

October 13, 2007
Best trim restorer/dressing that I've tried, so far. Will continue using it till something better comes along. My Ford Explorer exterior trim, bumpers and mirror housings look new and rich. Works well on black metal as well. Used it on wiper arms, black metal pillars between the front and back doors, and trailer tow hitch. They're glossy and black now. It's been 2 weeks now, and been thru 2 rains and 1 big rainstorm, but no streaking (as with some other dressings). Love this product!

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
4 Stars

Definitely Black again
April 25, 2007
good at restoring trim...a little streaky but nothing a second coat doesnt fix...not permanent but a good resotring product....while it is on it definitely makes the trim look showroom new but does eventually wear awat...

detail boy
5 Stars

black again
November 28, 2006
product is great for your rubber, vinyl, and even windsheild wippers

4 Stars

Like New Trim
April 16, 2006
This thick gel works well with trim and weatherstripping to make a better than new like finish. It will streak a little if wet prior to drying properly. Suggest allowing some heat to cure properly.