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> > > > BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax 3 oz.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax 3 oz.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax 3 oz. includes a BLACKFIRE poly foam wax applicator.

WARNING: The wax contained in this jar will turn heads and create WHIPLASH!

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is a synthesis of German-sourced, color-charged montan wax and genuine Brazilian carnauba wax designed to bestow a dimension of gloss on black and dark colors that mimics the appearance of wet paint. Signature Wet Diamond Polymers provide exceptional resistance to UV rays and environmental contamination. Hybrid formula combines the benefits of synthetic and natural ingredients to provide the utmost in paint protection, gloss and clarity.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is the ultimate car wax for black and dark colored vehicles!BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax, known internally as "project 23" due to the 23 months of research and development put into its formulation, started as an idea but quickly transformed into an obsession; a fascination by one individual who refused to accept contentedness in any project he became involved in. This perfectionist's life-long infatuation with the ultimate car wax led to the birth of BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax, a hybrid sealant wax tailored specifically for black and dark colored vehicles.

A core group of chemists at BLACKFIRE specialize in refining carnauba wax to its purest form, removing gloss-hindering impurities while making it exceptionally easy to work with; years of research and development spent on other BLACKFIRE car care products would not be wasted during the formulation of BlackICE. It was imperative early on in the development of BlackICE that it utilize the finest raw and manmade ingredients the world has to offer, and that includes carnauba wax and another type of ultra-rare wax, known as montan wax.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax utilizes the finest raw and man made ingredients available, including Montan Wax sourced from GermanySatisfying the fixation and exceeding the expectations set forth by one individual to create the perfect car wax for black cars meant going to opposite ends of the world. BLACKFIRE BlackIce Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is one of few waxes in the world that utilizes a high content of montan wax a rare and costly wax sourced from Germany. Montan wax, when processed and refined, is known for its darkening characteristics on black and other dark colors.BLACKFIRE's chemists pioneered a color-charging process to further enhance the paint-darkening effect of the montan wax formulated in BlackICE, creating what can only be described as mile-deep reflections on black and dark colored cars.

To ensure BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax was more than just another show-car wax that had durability measured in weeks instead of months, BLACKFIRE's signature Wet Diamond Polymers were fused with the carnauba and montan wax formulation, reinforcing the already impressive protection provided by the duo. BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax imparts a level of gloss worthy of a show-car and a level of paint-protection required for a daily driver. BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax will provide up to 5 months of paint protection on vehicles that have been properly clayed and polished first.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is crafted by hand to meet the most stringent quality standards. Each jar is visually inspected and random testing is performed to ensure no impurities in the carnauba and montan wax made it through the refining and blending process.


BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is exceptionally easy to apply and remove while imparting a deep, glossy shine that lasts
Apply BlackICE thin and it will reward you by buffing off with virtually no effort.

If your vehicle has never been clayed or if it has been more than six months, use BLACKFIRE Poly Clay and Clay Lubricant to remove gloss-hindering above-surface contaminants.

Next, remove light imperfections and rid the paint of below-surface contaminants with BLACKFIRE Paint Cleaner.It is imperative that you clay and polish the vehicle for BlackICE to perform to its full potential, creating a liquid shine while providing winter-tough paint protection.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax needs to be applied extremely thin and allowed to dry to a haze for about 10 minutes before being removed.A poly foam hand-applicator works best but you can apply it with a dual-action polisher as well. Use a flat-weave microfiber towel to buff off the wax once it has fully dried to a haze. Avoid applying the wax to plastic or rubber exterior trim.

Maintain the shine and protection with BLACKFIRE Instant Detailer.

3 oz.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax 3 oz.

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Kingsport, Tn
Easy on easy off. Looks great!
Triple black Impala, gave it great depth!
California, MD
No exaggeration
This wax is awesome. It works and exceeded my expectations.
ProsCreates a rich and glowing dark color.
First black car. First time using the Blackfire wax. Easy on and off. So far its a very good looking finish.
springfield, Illinois
More like blackice
Left my black paint with a deep glossy oil black appearance
Kelso, WA
Used as directed on my black Mustang GT/CS. Polished first with Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish using a white pad on the DA.. That alone had it looking great! Then laid down a THIN layer of BlackICE with the DA and black pad. Unreal shine and depth! Waited 24 hours and did a coat of Pinnacle Souveran with the jeweling pad. Showtime!! Car looked wet and glassy. I'm totally thrilled with the results. It looks better then show room!!
ProsDeep, wet shine.