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American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion

American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion

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Two ways to wash your car in one!

American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion is a hybrid wash that allows you to wash your car the traditional way or the rinseless way. American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion uses special polymers to create a lubricated surface, perfect for either type of wash. Plus, either option is easy-to-use and will rid your car of contaminants. And with different dilution rations American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion is used to create optimum results in different cleaning ways.

For many people, washing your car can be a enjoyable experience, almost stress relieving. But also, not everyone has the time for a full-on car wash every time, or the water streaming capabilities. American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion brings you the ability to do both. It gives you the chance to wash your car normally or as rinseless wash.

American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion relies on special lubricating polymers that blend with surface surfactants to create not one, but two different wash options. These wash options include a regular wash using an auto shampoo and rinseless wash where you donít even have to use water to rinse it off. Either option is a great and powerful soap that will remove contaminants such as dirt, grime, brake dust and other environmental contaminants. The wash isnít just any wash, but a super soapy wash that allows for maximum lubrication to prevent marring when your mitt/towel rubs against the carís surface.

No matter which technique you decide to use with American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion, American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion is easy-to-use. With the traditional washing method, wash as normal with the product and rinse away with a hose before drying. The rinseless way, wash down the surface and then wipe away excess water and product before moving onto the next panel. Both ways can be used with a dedicated foam sprayer to give way to even more foaming abilities.

Dilution ratios are critical when it comes to washing in these two different way, but is can also be diluted to work in other ways. When used as quick detailer, dilute 128:1. When wanting to make your glass shiny and clean, dilute 20:1. Interior cleaners need a 20:1 and an exterior pre-soak needs a 20:1 as well. Speaking of 20:1, use that for a foam cannon too. All these dilution ratio work great for their dedicated purposes, but it can also be used at full strength.

Dilution ratios:
Quick Detailer- 128:1
Glass Cleaner- 20:1
Interior Cleaner- 20:1
Exterior Pre-Soak- 20:1
Foam Canon- 20:1
Can also be used at full strength

32 oz.

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American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion