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3m Machine Polish 16 oz. - 39009

Created specifically for black, red, and dark colored vehicles!

3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints utilizes cutting-edge technology to polish away light paint imperfections on red, black, and other dark-colored vehicles. Use it after compounding to remove swirl marks and create a smooth, glossy finish. 3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints leaves dark paints swirl-free and ready for wax.

I first fell for this product when I noticed a bunch of little key scratches around the lock on my trunk. On a silver vehicle, 3M Foam Polishing Pad Glaze for light paints seemed to erase these with ease. Amazing! So I tried 3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints on the swirl marks on the hood of my dark red vehicle. The fine scratches disappeared like magic! The paint was restored to its like-new condition with very little time, effort and cost. 3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints improved the vivacity of the color, smoothed the paint and produced a deep, lustrous shine.

3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints is clear coat safe. Use it after compounding to remove swirl marks or any time the paint needs fine polishing and shine enhancement. 3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints contains no fillers, silicones, or waxes. Afterwards, follow up with your favorite wax or paint sealant.

3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints can be applied by hand or with a polisher. The low-dusting formula cleans up easily and leaves an incredible, swirl-free finish - even on difficult dark paints!

Hand Application For best results use out of direct sunlight in the shade or in your garage. Using a clean microfiber applicator pad or towel, apply a quarter-size amount of Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad Glaze. Work in small areas, applying using a small circular motion. Rub until dry. Buff away residue with a soft microfiber towel.

Machine Application: Use a polishing pad with your buffer. Apply enough glaze to work a 2’ x 2’ area. Apply polish to affected area using light to medium even pressure. Work the glaze until it begins to dry. Then buff with a microfiber bonnet or a microfiber towel.

Remember to follow this application with a wax or paint sealant—3M Machine Polish for Dark Paints has no protective qualities. For optimal, long-lasting results use Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 for a durable, protective shell that requires very little upkeep and enhances the appearance of all automobiles. It’s easy and quick to apply, and will last up to four or five months. If you prefer a traditional wax, use either Pinnacle Souveran™ Carnauba Paste Wax or Pinnacle Signature Series II. You’re vehicle will look like it just rolled out of the showroom!

16 fl. oz.

3m Machine Polish 16 oz. - 39009

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Orange County, CA
Been using this product for over 16 years
and I have had excellent results on all varieties of paint issues. First purchased to restore a 6 year old BMW's paint - on a car that was likely waxed once when it was new and lived in Phoenix, AZ without a garage. The results were phenomenal. I continue to use it to this day. My current black BMW (lives in a sun climate and is now 12 years old) still appears to be nearly new, even under street lights that show every defect. Every place I take my current car for service (tire shop, indy garage, dealer, or smog station) usually ends up with someone offering to buy it from me due to it's appearance.

Reading the previous review from POHRacing about this product "not removing swirl marks", odds are he didn't pony up for the proper foam pads. The pads make all the difference along with using an orbital polisher running at the proper speed. Simply read the directions. I used to use Meguiars and I threw it away - this product is, IMHO, better. Meguiar's leaves white residue everywhere and is a pain to clean up after. Different strokes, I guess.

You can also hand apply to small areas to remove burnishing to the paint caused by parking-lot-itis.
ProsDark color residue.... doesn't outline moldings and crevices. Beautiful, deep, shine. Can be hand applied. Removes easily from the car.
Extremely effective while at the same time being extremely forgiving if you linger a bit too long in one spot with your Porter Cable random orbital buffer.
The best
Simply the best. Follow up with a good wax and you will amaze everyone.
I tried this product on my worn Infiniti I30t and it looks great! First I used Optimum Compound, followed by this product, lastly I used Poorboys EX Sealant and now my car looks like new! It's not "perfect" (it's a 2001 with 106K mi so work with me) but now it looks like its only a year or less old. Again, this is just b/c the age of the car. Otherwise, I plan on buying 10 bottles and passing them out as Christmas gifts.