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3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application - 2000

Hand-on car care by 3M!

The 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application maintains auto paint in like-new condition with their sophisticated yet simple to use car care products. From gentle cleansing to polishing to protection, the 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application covers the essential steps of the car care process. Detail by hand with superior results!

The 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application is ideal for vehicles in good condition. The included 3M Scratch Remover addresses vehicles with light swirls, scratches, and mild to medium oxidation. Use this kit to maintain a great gloss on all types of paint and all colors.

The 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application includes:

3M Car Wash Shampoo 16 oz.

16 oz. 3M Car Wash Shampoo
3M Car Wash Shampoo is a gentle-cleansing liquid gel which will not remove wax, yet easily washes away all traces of grease, dirt and grit. After your wash, your car should feel as nice and slick as it did the day you last waxed it. Car Wash Shampoo is 100% safe for all clear coats, and phosphate-free! Conditioners in the formula moisturize the paint, while fighting against water spots.


Micro Chenille Wash Mitt

Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
The Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt is made of thin microfibers woven into plump, caterpillar-like strands that are both absorbent and nonabrasive. This mitt is softer than the finest sheepskin mitt and it has the incredible absorption of microfiber. You can depend on the Blue Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt to wash your vehicle gently time after time.


3M Scratch Remover 8 oz.

8 oz. 3M Scratch Remover
3M Scratch Remover is a safe and effective way to remove scratches, swirls, and medium oxidation by hand or machine. Use it on clear coat or single stage paint with excellent results. 3M Scratch Remover uses ultra fine abrasive minerals to actually remove the scratch, rather than filling it in. All you’ll see is smooth, flawless paint!


3M Performance Finish 16 oz.

16 oz. 3M Performance Finish
3M scientists have developed a truly innovative product that provides an extremely durable, long-lasting and high gloss finish. 3M Performance Finish has the superior longevity and easy application of a paint sealant plus the extreme shine of a wax. 3M Performance Finish is an entirely synthetic, silicone-based sealant that bonds to the paint to block out UV rays, moisture, and contaminants.The slick formula produces a reflective shine that lasts for months.


Microfiber Detailing Cloths

3 Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 x 16 inches
These versatile microfiber towels are great for any variety of detailing tasks, from general washing and scrubbing off road contaminants, to applying and buffing off wax and all-in-one protectants. All the Detailing Cloths boast an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend in a special “feather” weave that increases their absorption properties, guaranteeing high performance and durability.


1-Pinnacle Foam Wax Applicator

2 Poly Foam Wax Applicators
These universal applicators are made of quality closed cell soft poly-foam. They are pliable, strong, and efficient. Use again and again, for any applicator need, then simply toss in the washing machine and they are good as new.


Microfiber Applicator Pads

Microfiber Applicator Pad (color may vary)
The outer surface of the Microfiber Applicator Pad has all the qualities you’ve come to expect from the finest in microfiber technology. The gentle, yet strong fabric is wrapped snuggly around a plush, absorbent sponge. This innovative combination of materials causes wax, polish, dressings, and sealants to spread more evenly, resulting in maximum coverage while using less emulsion.

The 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application is a complete car care regimen. Start with a gentle wash with 3M Car Wash Shampoo and a Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt. Once the paint is dry, apply 3M Scratch Remover with the Microfiber Applicator in one 2 x 2 sq. ft. section at a time. Then buff off the polish residue with a Microfiber Detailing Cloth. Finally, use a Poly Foam Wax Applicator to apply 3M Performance Finish to the entire vehicle and use a clean Microfiber Detailing Cloth. Regular washes with 3M Car Wash Shampoo will not remove 3M Performance Finish.

If you're a hands-on type of detailer, pamper your vehicle with the 3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application.

Kit includes:
16 oz. 3M Car Wash Shampoo
Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
8 oz. 3M Scratch Remover
16 oz. 3M Performance Finish
3 Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 x 16 inches
2 Poly Foam Wax Applicators
Microfiber Applicator Pad (color may vary)

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3M Paint Care Kit for Hand Application - 2000

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Better than expected
I learned about 3M treatments when it lasted on my boat for a year. When the professional detailer told me he used 3M on my Porsche, I ordered the kit. My neighbor later asked me if I had the car re-painted since it looks wet. Highly recommend.