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3D Yellow Degreaser 106

Clean deep with this non-acidic cleaner & degreaser!

3D Yellow Degreaser is a highly concentrated formula designed to safely clean and degrease exterior surfaces, especially wheels, tires, and wheel wells. Safe for use on all wheel types, 3D Yellow Degreaser also breaks down baked on brake dust and other heavy particulates for a complete clean. 3D Yellow Degreaser contains no heavy chemicals which makes it safe for use by anyone, anywhere!

3D Yellow Degreaser acts as an all-in-one tire/wheel/exterior plastic cleaner. Rather than using 3 different products for each surface, you can use 3D Yellow Degreaser to take care of all of them!

Because of its heavy-duty and effective cleaning power, you’d expect 3D Yellow Degreaser to be filled with harsh chemicals, but actually the opposite is true. Rather than including harmful chemicals like glycol ether EB or acidic cleaners, 3D Yellow Degreaser a 100% biodegradable and earth-friendly formula that makes for quick cleaning.

The liquid formula clings to the surface and does much of the heavy work for you! 3D Yellow Degreaser actually lessens the need to use scrub brushes while detailing. In some cases, you can simply spray it on, let 3D Yellow Degreaser work its magic, and rinse off! You’ll be able to see the dirt and embedded particles running off of the surface!

3D Yellow Degreaser is highly concentrated and can be diluted to your specific needs. For a less contaminated surface, use a 1:20 dilution ratio, for medium and heavy duty cleaning, use 1:10 and for extra heavy duty, 3D Yellow Degreaser can be diluted 1:4.

24 oz.

3D Yellow Degreaser 106

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3D Yellow Degreaser 106