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3D Universal Protectant 16 oz

Protects ALL trim, interior or exterior!

3D Universal Protectant will give you the perfect solution to protecting a wide variety of interior and exterior surface in minutes! You will love the glossy finish that 3D Universal Protectant will provide your rubber, vinyl and plastic! 3D Universal Protectant dries to a non-tacky finish to ensure it does not attract any dust. You will notice that your old or faded trim will be restored to its former beauty when you use 3D Universal Protectant on it!

There are so many surfaces on your car that carrying a different product for each one is going to fill up your garage fast! Luckily, with 3D Universal Protectant, you will be able to quickly and easily protect a large majority of those surface with just one product! 3D Universal Protectant can be used on interior and exterior surface, so you won’t have to worry about swapping to a different bottle when it comes time to do your tires!

If you have not been able to find a suitable product to protect your trim and your trim has suffered the consequences of it, then you will especially enjoy 3D Universal Protectant. This is due to 3D Universal Protectant’s restorative properties! 3D Universal Protectant will be able to fill in and darken your trim once more, greatly improving the look of it and have them in the condition it had when you first bought your car!

As if protecting such a wide variety of surfaces on your car was not enough, 3D Universal Protectant will also have you staring in awe at the glossy finish it provides! You have never seen your trim carry a sheen like it will once you’ve applied 3D Universal Protectant.

Unlike other dressings and trim protectants, 3D Universal Protectant does not dry to a tacky finish. This means that you won’t have to worry about dust becoming annoyingly stuck to these surfaces within minutes, counteracting all your work. In fact, 3D Universal Protectant will actively repel the dust to ensure the surface stay clean as long as possible!

16 oz.

3D Universal Protectant 16 oz

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3D Universal Protectant 16 oz