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3D Liquid Leather

3D Liquid LeatherClean, preserve, and protect with this non-greasy formula!

3D Liquid Leather combines everything you love about leather cleaner and conditioners, without some of the most common annoyances. Designed to perfectly clean embedded dirt and grime while finishing with a smooth layer of protection, 3D Liquid Leather does not leave behind a greasy, streaky mess. Enhanced with Mink Oil, 3D Liquid Leather cleans and protects not only your leather wrapped seats and buttons, but will treat vinyl and plastic surfaces the same way! Think of 3D Liquid Leather as an all-in-one interior cleaner & protectant!

Leather is a soft and very supple surface that requires constant care and maintenance to keep it looking new. Even repeatedly getting in and out of the car is enough to cause leather to fade, discolor, and dry out. Over time those repeated assaults leave your leather looking worn and faded, even if it’s only been a few years. Luckily, there have been leather products introduced to the market that can prevent this from happening in the first place.

3D Liquid Leather is one of those life (or leather) saving products. Formulated with Mink Oil for extra softness, 3D Liquid Leather leaves your surface clean and conditioned in just one step! Add to that convenience the non-greasy formula, and 3D Liquid Leather is a match made in heaven.

After all of your leather surfaces have been cleaned and conditioned, you are free to use 3D Liquid Leather on all other interior surfaces! Plastic dashboard pieces, vinyl door panels, and even plastic trim. Keep your total interior area clean and protected from UV rays, everyday movement, and the unexpected elements with 3D Liquid Leather.

For severely soiled surfaces, pre-clean with McKee's 37 Hi-Intensity APC Plus diluted 10:1.

16 oz.