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3D HD Touch - Detail Spray & Waterless Wash 16 oz

3D HD Touch - Detail Spray & Waterless Wash 16 ozSurface detailer and waterless wash

3D HD Touch is the perfect solution to all your on-the-go detailing needs. This gloss-intensive detail spray is lubricious enough to be used as a waterless wash, yet gentle enough not to degrade delicate wax coatings. Nano-polymers gently lift and dissolve dirt and grime so they can be removed without scratching the paint. Gloss-enhancers make the paint slick and shiny, tricking bystanders into thinking you jus waxed your car!

HD Touch leaves paint slicker than snot. That may sound frank, but it’s true! HD Touch is the perfect way to “touch” up your car in between washes. Remove light dust and dirt while increasing gloss and slickness – two ideal characteristics of any high quality detail spray.

Not only is HD Touch safe to use on virtually any automotive surface, but it’s actually beneficial to treated surfaces as well! HD Touch cleans and shines paint, chrome, glass, wheels, door jambs, non-fabric interior surfaces like dashboards, and even the engine compartment!

Touch up your vehicle’s shine with HD Touch!

16 oz. with sprayer

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